Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting to Know "SignGuy" 8-29-08

I'm running late. What a surprise. But I had an idea I thought was pretty good. As NYIC's own SignGuy is about THE most recognizable fan in the Coliseum, I thought it might be fun to catch up with our celebrity. Especially since his recent photo with new coach Scott Gordon has popped up all over the Blogosphere. Bet he doesn't know it either. It was such a great photo of the both of them, how could the media NOT pick up on it? But his work has also been featured in so many hockey articles and even used on Alan Hahn's dust jacket for one of his Islanders' books.

For me, I always looked for him when things were good, and especially when things weren't so good. He came bearing hope for the team, and a few smiles.

So look stop back over the weekend and I should have my email interview with our very humble friend and some of his favorite signs.

Happy Friday people.

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