Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looking a Radio Gift Horse in the Mouth 10-4-08

Or so it may seem. And I really don’t want it to come off that way. But while I was sitting on the ball field this morning, I wandered over to my car to listen to the inaugural broadcast of “NY Hockey This Week.” I turned the car toward the ball field so I could still see my daughter’s game going on. Of course, no sooner did I put my head down to try to get my lap top running, she hit a home run. I didn’t see the hit, but I saw her rounding the bases. I knew I was going to get yelled at for that. But that’s my luck.

With two minutes before air time, the ESPN radio announcer in the previous time slot called it “the Rangers Show”… TWICE. I cringed. The Gods of the Internet were not kind to me today as the Kings Park school they were playing at didn’t seem to have a wireless connection. DRAT!
I immediately noticed something I wasn’t used to… COMMERCIALS. I am so spoiled by XM radio that I forgot that AM radio makes its money off sponsorship. That means commercials for just about everything and anything. And then let’s not forget the news too. Oh, and other sports scores. AAAGGGGHHHH… AM radio: Disjointed content that cause you to reach for the preset buttons. I resisted.

The ESPN theme played and the show started on time. Pleasantries were volleyed between Don La Greca and Chris Botta and then onward to the Scott Gordon interview. The “Enforcer” question rears its mighty head along with the choice between Sugden and Fritz. “They have to be able to play the game.” Gordon says. Ah yes, the sticky part of the gorilla-on-skates role.

“….It’s an important part of the game and Mitch Fritz is a step in the right direction. If he can continue to progress in that area, it will be a big thing for our team.”

He was asked about Snow’s acquisition, Mark Streit? “Streit is here to play defense. The more he plays defense the better he’ll get.”

On 2008 1st Round draft pick, Josh Bailey Gordon said “… if we can get him into a game and he performs well… we haven’t closed the book on whether he’ll start with us, but not on the 4th line. If he’s not on the top 2 or at least the third -- he can’t play here.”

Why waste his time when he can accomplish so much more in juniors. Botta contended “Bailey will play 9 games. He’s the Captain of his junior team and he needs to be in the World Juniors.” Yes he does. But his injury is still in question.

Speaking of injury, Campoli and Sutton are out for at least two weeks, but the good thing is there were no additional injuries from last night’s game. Never thought that would be a bonus, but I guess we have to be grateful for small favors.

The Islanders played Boston tonight and won 3 - 1 in regulation. But I’ll get to that later.
How many minutes is this show supposed to be? There were so many commercials!!
The girls win their softball game and we’ve moved fields. No luck on the internet connection there either.

The interesting (but far from surprising) thing I noticed on the show was that the calls were coming in for Botta. It just proved what I’ve known all along. He has a very dedicated fan base that would do anything to support him. If this show was on at 4 am, there’d be phone calls.

The music began to play over Don and CB as they headed into yet another… COMMERCIAL BREAK. Don La Greca’s lightening speed speech is a sharp contrast to Botta’s deliberate, articulate tone. But then again, CB is no stranger to radio and Don’s usual partner is EJ Rhadek, and if he doesn’t talk fast, he’d never get a word in edgewise.

La Greca’s advice to Islanders fans was “More patience.” Hmmmmm… where have we heard that before?

Before Lou Lamariello called in for his guest spot, they talked about the NJ Devils, and of course, the great Marty Brodeur. “Is this the year he’s human?”

What a question. We ask it every year. And every year he proves he’s still amazing. “He looks worn down -- Mentally, he’s worn down. There’s too much on his shoulders.” Don was condemning.

Botta called him a “class act.” “He is one of the greatest athletes we’ve seen play in NY.” That he is CB. That he is.

I took the next commercial and news break to head into Dunkin Donuts. My world doesn’t run on Dunkin’ but it was the closest public restroom I could locate.

I returned in the middle of Lamariello’s interview as he was discussing the salary cap and the potential problems the NHL could be facing. The NHLPA has the right to revisit it in (I think) April. Certainly, they will.

Wow! I didn’t know Glidden paint has a website called “” to promote their official team colors paint? Of course not. I only listen to XM radio!!!!! HOW MANY F-ING COMMERCIALS CAN THERE BE IN A ONE HOUR SHOW? They can’t be making that much money that they need this many sponsors to afford them. God… I’m spoiled. If they ever get a podcast of this… it will be a 28 minute show. I’m positive.

Islanders #1 fan, Miriam from Forest Hills called in to wish CB the best on his new venture and to ask why everyone’s got the Islanders slated for a 14th or 15th place finish. That made Botta laugh, “Can they play a game yet?” So true! Gordon doesn’t even have a final roster, but the media outlets are determining where they’ll pick in next year’s draft. Foolish to say the least.
It was also noted that Rick will steal games in this tough division. As long as he stays healthy of course.

A little more chit-chat and they were done by 11:26 am. All in all, it was a great first run. I’m hoping they can come up with a good, permanent time slot. AM radio is something you either have to web stream or listen to in the car. At least… that’s the only way I can listen.

Now, about that game tonight that the Islanders won 3 - 1 over Boston. Once again, I was disappointed that there was no way for me to watch or listen to the game. I could only imagine it in my head while I watched the crawl on the Ranger replay.

I went to the Bruins site to see if they were web streaming the audio the way the Devils did the night before. Nope. But they did have a live blog going. That didn’t’ do it for me. But, as luck would have it, since I’m on the site probably … oh… EVERY 20 minutes or so… I found that one of the new features of is this revamped Real Time player. You can’t maximize it, and it doesn’t stay open if you click on another window, but it is a wonderful new gadget.

There are a bunch of features condensed into this little box. I can’t actually show you a screen shot of it, because I’m not Mike. But check it out during ANY game. It shows you the same as a normal scoreboard would, but additionally player shot information and penalty info. I found the damn thing fascinating as I watched it for the final 6 minutes of the game. You’ve got to try it.

So that’s my report on NY’s newest Hockey show on ESPN radio. As if anyone cared. Also if anyone cares…. My daughter’s team won all three of their games, and came in as the second seed for tomorrow’s games. At least we don’t have to be at the fields until 12:30 pm tomorrow.
Travel softball…living like a gypsy and spending a fortune. Just not quite as much as I would be if she played hockey. Again…. Thank heaven for small favors.


TheMetalChick said...

This is a great writeup! :)

7th Woman said...

Thanks so much MetalChick! I do appreciate it. I've wanted to tell you "thank you" for awhile now. Figured... now's a good time. :o)

Travelchic59 said...

Dee, terrestrial radio's income depends solely on advertising. I know - I work in radio. I love my Sirius subscription too, but the business model is not yet proven, and they are BLEEDING money. Also, Satellite radio is NOT completely commercial free either. I have a funny feeling that eventually you will be hearing MORE commercials on your satellite radio sooner rather than later.