Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, the evening started out Great!

I came up from the IBC event that was great. But we'll talk about that later. I can't upload the photos I took yet, because my camera batteries died.

I'll skip the fluff for a second. The Rangers scored (sort of) at 19:04 of the first. But I don't think it should have counted. But what do I know. Right.

Seriously.. I don't think I can live blog tonight. I'll just sort of twitter a little.

What I love about sitting next to Doug ( is he watches every call and .... complains.

There are two new bloggers at the table. We have a full house. Adam from Farmingdale College and someone whom I haven't been introduced to yet.

Of course, we have the "Rangers" chants going, but teh building isn't as crowded as it should be considering. But then again, it is a Monday night.

For some reason they couldn't clear the puck out of their zone, and Trent Hunter just blocked a shot that you could hear all the way up here in 201.

Gary is calling Comrie "Tinker Belle" King of the Fairies. I'll let him know that in the locker room.

The new Farmingdale Blog Box sign is very cool. I wish we had signed the other one like we were supposed to. Wonder if they kept it at all.

So it took me about 6 minutes to get to Gate 1 for the meet & greet which I haven't been to in a very long time. Thanks to Webby Westfall JBlake and BSutter for sticking around.

This game doesnt' actually suck as bad as I expected it to.

And Thompson and Voros had a nice little toe to toe, but both seemed to tire out before one of them hit the ice.

Joey is doing a very decent job out here considering it's a Ranger game.

Gary spent $9 on Chinese food that Doug said he'll regret later. ;o)

SOB... I really have to learn to shut my mouth.
With 3:44 left of the 2nd and SOG 22 to 23 Joey was just scored on, by Callahan and oh look There's a fight in Loudville and no one is watching whats happening on the ice.

Third period.
2 - 1 SOG equal at 25 each. I'm afraid to say anything.

2:17 in to the 3rd, penalty on #13 but it looks like we're going to have a matching penalty on our own #13 as soon as they get control of the puck. The Islanders can't catch a break.

With both Bergeheim and Zherdev in the box, Joey MacDonald just got his bell rung. His helmet flew off and he just sat in the crease spread eagle with the play stopped trying to remember where he was. "Oh Look at the birdies..."

13:08 of the 3rd. What we didnt' want to happen just did. With both men still in the box, the Rangers just made it 3 - 1. There is still plenty of time and I can hear Bill Jaffe in my head saying that, but once we lose ground like that, the crowd loses their interest. And now the Ranger fans are having their say by chanting loudly.

They need to get at least one more goal. They need to make it at least respectable. And I need to shut up because every time I talk like this... well... the opposition scores.

Okay, I'll just watch the game and listen to Doug tell me what the refs are doing right and wrong.

Okay, I've never seen a goalie make a save facing the net, leaning over and catching the puck in mid air. Very interesting.

Should I just shut down? There's 9:34 left. I'm thinking if I shut down, the Islanders may score as that usually happens to me. hmmmm....

And since my husband is at an SFD meeting any way and not talking to me on email, there really is no reason to stay on.

Oh! PS The bully hill wine... blows.

Okay, now there is only 7:59 left and Weight is sitting in the box with Sean. Weight gets 2 and Sean gets 4 for high sticking. Yep..... Tim to pack it in for sure.

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