Monday, November 24, 2008

"It's the Fluke of Flukes" per Howie

They weren't supposed to win. It was supposed to be a 3 - 2 Islanders loss. But the Hockey Gods thought otherwise and decided to play a little trick on Montreal.

What a shame that Ryan O'Byrne didn't notice that Carey Price had left the net on a delayed Islanders penalty. Had O'Byrne just shot the puck at a slightly different angle, he'd be able to sleep tonight. But as the puck went into his own net, he lifted his hands over his head in disbelief. How do you console a kid who just made a huge mistake in front of 21,273 people?

You don't. You keep him on the bench and let him think as the TV cameras capture his every remorseful gesture. It's heartbreaking. It's that old Wide World of Sports Agony of Defeat thing.

Chris Campoli beat himself up on the bench because he failed to put the game away in overtime. He held his head in his gloves for about the entire time the Zamboni flooded a strip from goal to goal for the shoot out that would have to decide the game.

Two points is two points and we'll take them any way we can get them. But the toll this win will take on a young Montreal player is huge.


Alexis said...

The Isles won one they shouldn't have after losing a bunch they should have won. Guess they got Montreal back. I feel bad for O'Byrne, especially because Carbonneau did not play him for the rest of the game. Wondering if Coach Gordon would have put him back in. Poor guy. That "own goal" sure was funny though. Too bad Campoli didn't bury that beautiful pass from Bailey in OT. It looked just like Bobby Nystrom's OT goal from 1980 except it didn't go in the net.

the Rocket said...

Alex Kovalev, Robert Lang, Alex Tanguay and the Canadiens special teams' players should be grateful to Ryan O'Byrne. His mistake distracted fans and media from the real reasons that the Habs lost the game. Joey MacDonald, who was shaky all night, will also stay under the radar due to the gaffe. ~Rocket~