Friday, November 14, 2008

POCK Marked -- for Five Games 11-14-08

The verdict was in early and the banter started quickly.

"Islanders get screwed again."
"If he wasn't an Islander he would have gotten two games just like ___________ (insert recently suspended NHLer name here.)"
"We always get shafted!."
"This proves the NHL wants to crack down on hits to the head."
"If he got anything less than five, it would have been ludicrous."

And my personal favorite.

"Campbell did us a favor, Pock sucks."

Whenever a decision is rendered there will always be two camps; two sides to every story no matter how many camera angles you can watch.

The truth of the matter is the league does indeed want to crack down on hits to the head, especially when they are intentional. Well, it seems that "intent" may have been the deciding factor. How it "looked" to those making the decision is what garnered Mr. Pock a five game suspension and more than $17,000 in fines. The league believes if they hand these types of suspensions down, it will make them less prevalent. We'll see.

And as an aside, I'm a little surprised about Melrose being let go by Tampa. It's sad actually, I'm sure he bought an entire new lighter weight wardrobe for FLA. Shame shame, but he, unlike Neil Smith, is highly employable. Even in this job market.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Circus has moved to Tampa. I believe it has an extended engagement. Sorry about that Dr. David.

The Islanders take on Ottawa again tomorrow night and have the premier of their new (old) pre-game show. I hope that every Islander fan watches it so that Cablevision can see the ratings are not abysmal. Now, just leave it alone please!

See you tomorrow all!

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