Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yeah, I know they lost to the Capitols tonight. But we can't dwell. So how about some good news?

There's a new Islanders store at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa! Just slightly larger than the store in Hicksville and jam packed with some great items for the Islander fan on your Christmas list.

I took a quick sneak peek at it today during lunch. It's open, but the official Grand Opening will be December 10th. The two women running the store have done a marvelous job putting it together in a matter of hours. Just like Christmas Elves! I'll have some additional information about them in a following post. But for now I just wanted to alert you that the store is open, and has inventory galore.

There's a great array of new T-shirts and sweatshirts in various colors. Great holiday ornaments and baby items. There are new Islanders watches and some of those sexy little Alyssa Milano (who seems to design Women's gear for MOST major sports!) items.

What we won't find there is the one item I really, really wanted for Christmas. I had my heart set on one of those new Women's RBK Silver Ice white jerseys. They are not currently made with an Islander logo because there wasn't enough demand. CAN I GENERATE SOME DEMAND HERE LADIES???? Think of it, IT'S NOT ORANGE AND BLUE. It will look AWESOME with jeans. It's WHITE. You can wear BLACK pants with it. You know... SLIMMING, figure flattering BLACK pants!!!! GRRRRR

Okay, more on the store: There will be a new ITV remote studio set up, so expect some great in-store activities and player appearances. So now there are two Islanders stores for your shopping convenience. Perfect for Christmas shopping!

Now, while I was there this guy to the right "Frank" came in with his friend. It seems that "Frank" needed to try on a particular size jersey to see what size he needed to order for himself. The problem was that Frank here is actually a Ranger fan, which he immediately announced upon entering the store. His saving grace was that he was with his friend, who was an Islanders fan. Of course WE just HAD to snap a photo of Frank sporting an Islanders jersey.
Never underestimate a blogger with a camera!


Travelchic59 said...

Okay, I am lost. What does a Ranger fan need an Islander jersey for?

Is he going to pull a "Goldie" and have "s*cks" written over it and then let ex-Islanders players sign it?

Or is he a student who needs something Islanders to get into the Coliseum for the Loudville section? LOL!

Anonymous said...

No he wants to order a Ranger jersey,just doesn't know what size to order.
I'm the guy who brought him into the store. even if I don't need anything I make him come in just to see how long I can make him stay before he starts to freak out.

Anonymous said...

dear 7th woman
Thank you for putting Franks picture up after our visit to the new store. You have given Me the
the upper hand in having to work and deal with a ranger fan every day,If he even thinks about rubbing a ranger win or Islander loss in my face(which he has yet to do) I threating to show his picture to everyone .

7th Woman said...

Dear Glen:
Anything to help a fellow Islander fan deal with Ranger fans at work. I have a few myself. I can sympathize!!