Monday, December 8, 2008

Blake Watch - Leafs 4 - Isles 1/2 that

Jason BLAKE - 3 pt night.

BLAKE Comeau - 0 pt night.

If Mike Comrie was skating tonight, I would have bet even money that Jason Blake would have probably had a Gordie Howe hat trick.

Interesting interviews he gave to CJ Papa both before and after the game. Blake has always been one that can't hide his emotions. You could tell he still hurts a little when he said Long Island was "home" for seven years. And considering how poorly he's been doing in his new "home," you can guess he thinks about it often.

Until, as my husband pointed out, he cashes his paycheck. Rude but true.

Comeau, on the other hand, played hard but had nothing to show for it. Well, until tomorrow when the bruises turn a lovely shade of purple. He slid into the net and was slow to get up after smacking the post before it dislodged. He also had to leave the ice with a hand injury, but did return. He didn't look comfortable on the bench, but he was playing through it.

My boy Sean was a -2 for the evening and was called for a marginal penalty that earned the Leafs one of four. You have to stop that Sean. I can't take the taunting at my house.

I held my breath when Nate Thompson took on Ryan (porn star mustache) Hollweg. But he managed to stay on his skates long enough to get a few in before falling to the ice. The linesmen were smart to stay close and broke it up as soon as they landed.

I'm still waiting for Josh Bailey to earn his first NHL goal. I'm sure, he is too.

Not the way the Islanders wanted to start their 4 game road trip. But those are the breaks. Some times you win... some times you lose. Some times... you get used to it.

Tomorrow is another day.

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