Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Brotherhood of Hockey - Perfect for Christmas

It's Christmas morning and I'm living on four hours of sleep. My refrigerator is packed so tight with leftovers, you can't even see the light. Things need to be put away, and serve ware needs to be cleaned, but not before I have my coffee and cinnamon rolls and browse through the Internet to see what I have missed since yesterday.

And What to my Wondering Eyes does appear -- but an article on Richard Park being honored by NY State. Oddly, I don't remember getting THAT press release. Oh, that's right. We DIDN'T get it. Did you know that December 23rd was Richard Park day in New York State? Of course you didn't, unless you read Jason Lockhart's article on the Islanders website.

Diversity in hockey is what the state was honoring, and what the Islanders are promoting. Once again select Isles staffers are off to China for project Hope. This year sees the first tournament named after Mr. Wang. The Nassau County Mustangs will be representing the USA as they play against teams from China and Finland. They and their families won this chance of a lifetime by selling over $78,000 in the Islanders Pucks into Bucks fundraising program.

What a splendid way to promote hockey and friendship among nations. Which brings me to my next thought.

Ex-Isles staffer Adam Sherlip, who was involved with Project Hope last season, has found a new calling. He was so touched by the experience in China that he would like to bring Hockey and all it brings with it to more far off places on the globe.

"To Adam, hockey embodies many of the virtues that we all strive to embody in our daily practice: teamwork, selflessness, loyalty, honesty and accountability. "

At first, I wasn't too sure about his very lofty goal of bringing Hockey to the Himalayas. I can't even spell Himalayas without copying it from his website. But the more I talked to him, the more I realized what a truly noble cause he is attempting.

So check out Adam's website to learn more about his Hockey Volunteer program by clicking the link and realize that hockey is more than a game. It is a chance to bring people together in a world that needs far more peace and friendship.

So congratulations Richard Park and Charles Wang, and best of luck to you Adam Sherlip. Merry Christmas Hockey fans!

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