Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Frustration, Dejection, it's all on the face of Scott Gordon

That is how Howie Rose announced the empty net goal at the 19:30 mark of the third period that was heralding the tenth loss for the Islanders. Gordon is still looking for a December victory. Personally I don't think he will get it.

I opted to watch this one from my couch, in between trips to the kitchen to prep for Christmas Eve dinner. I did more sitting than prepping, and now I'm doing more writing than cooking. But I'll get to it.

So What do we have to look on the bright side with? Uh.... Ummm... Give me a few (drinks that is). These mounting losses are giving me cause to purchase ear plugs as the Big Angry Man is doing a lot of yelling at the TV.

"If you can't beat 'em... BEAT 'EM." That would be nice to hear, but we don't. Hilbert got a goal. The prize for actually trying. Sean Bergenheim finally got a goal after 14 games, his fifth of the season. His prize for REALLY trying. It was a short handed goal no less.

But other than that, there was frustration, miscues and down right stupid penalties (Mike Comrie).

"I don't know... what else do you say?" Even Jaffe is having a hard time.

They need to get through this month and start fresh. It's not the system, it's something else. And whatever it is... I hope they leave it behind in 2008.

I may actually have to stand by my "the number is twelve" prediction. It may actually come true.

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