Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Communication Breakdown

I woke up cranky this morning. The news on TV didn't help much. Civilian deaths in Gaza, financial ruin from coast to coast and heavy rain making my morning commute miserable. Top all this with the fact that my hands are so swollen, I had to pry my wedding band off because my finger was turning blue, and I'm just having one hellova day! And it's not even 9 am.
I was going to weigh in on the contention of a communication problem withing the organization we follow most closely. But I have my own communication problems in the organization who pays me. I have been trying to do payroll for two days and no one knows if a particular junior sales person actually WORKS for us any longer. (He took off for two days prior to the holidays, and I haven't seen him since.)
Communication problems are a staple of the corporate world. The adage "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing" is older than dirt. So in actuality, two differing stories by employees who perform the same function is no really news.
But with the strife in the world, the problems at home, our own pitiful bank accounts, we need a diversion to follow to take our minds off things. For us, the Long Island Hockey faithful, we have the Islanders. And when they are not playing for days on end, we start to twitch.
Last night I flipped back and forth between the Devils game and (of course) the Leafs game. I needed the diversion. Even if the Leafs are 10 points ahead of us in the standings. I needed the diversion and comfort of a familiar form to focus on -- even if he is in Blue & White now.
He didn't disappoint me. The Leafs and the Devils both lost last night, but Jason Blake garnered his 10th goal of the season on a short handed goal, just like the ones he used to score for us -- charging the net, splayed on the ice and not giving up. I'm assuming he will be able to get to that 20 goal mark this season just as I expected.
So we turn our attention to Calgary and all the questions that we have. Will DiPietro play? Will Doug Weight play? Will Martinek make it back from injury and play more than 12 minutes before being placed on the IR AGAIN? Will Nielson be ready? Will we win one freakin' away game -- EVER?
Ahhhhh..... hockey. Life's little diversion that we can't live without. And once again... I'm late for work.

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Jonathan said...

7th Woman, I like your writing a lot and can tell that you have a gift for wrting well; however, I'm wondering, as an Islander fan who believes that change needs to be fostered in the infrastruscture of the Islanders, specifically the rapacious and devious Charles Wang, if you've considered taking braver stances on issues surrounding the team. These issues include the following:
1. Lighthouse/Real Estate grab that Wang is trying to get from the Islanders, using the Islanders as a vehicle and, therefore, putting welfare of the hockey team as an ancillary priority.
2. Wang's past track record of cooking the books at CA and his current claims of losing money from the Islanders and NeuLion.
3. His total mismanagement of the hockey operations of the Islanders throughout his stewardship, which is largely due to his placing an ancillary importance on the welfare of the actual hockey club.
4. The habitual usage of Newsday and Islandermania by the NYI to disseminate propaganda, largely by framing issues surrounding the team very narrowly to the point of complete idiocy and contempt for the paying consumer.
5. The connection between "friends" Alphonse D'Amato (member of SMG board) and Charles Wang, whom D'Amato convinced to buy the team.
6. SMG current role with the planning of the new Lighthouse. If they're currently bleeding the Islanders dry, as is the fashionable rhetoric, then why would they be involved after the expiration of the current lease in 2015 at all?

Just some food for thought. I'd like to hear what you have to say.