Friday, January 9, 2009

Fanning the Flames in Calgary

Oh boy. I didn't want to say it yesterday because I've said it so many times before. Full Moon + Thursday = Islanders loss. I see the record remains.
But the team looked good, for the most part. They just can't win a game as they drop 16 of the last 18. We're heading for a new record. And truthfully, it isn't even really upsetting me that much.

With another page in the Rick DiPietro Saga occupying the net, I'll just say this..... Holy Crap do I feel bad for Joey MacDonald! This poor guy! An otherwise very good goalie is going to have a year of really horrible stats to show for some really good games. My heart goes out to you boy.

As far as Rick goes, I can totally understand why this "is he playing, isn't he playing" game is of such great concern. He is the face of the franchise, or at least WAS the face of the franchise, and he is ours for probably the rest of MY natural life. But I can understand the Islanders wanting to be cautious with his delicate, reconstructed body. If there is swelling on that rebuilt knee that would get worse if he played, then sure. Make him sit. I don't see why I wouldn't believe there is. I've never had that type of surgery, or anything close, but I've seen firemen be completely fine one second running drills and then watch joints blow up like a grapefruit while they're having a beer 20 minutes later.

"Medically cleared to play."
is a statement that was accurate and correct.... before the swelling ensued. Oh, whatever.

Oh, and not for nothing but.... sure, my Rolodex of men who play this game is short, but I did have some conversations over the last few days and heard that it really isn't that uncommon for a goalie to get a starting nod game day or even right after warm ups. But again, whatever.

Congratulations to Trevor Smith on his first NHL goal. This was the same kid that made us sit up and take notice during the preseason. It was great to see him produce.

Also, I guess Jeff Tambellini only really, really plays well when Daddy is in the building. I know Steve Tambellini has that GM gig, but do we think he can follow his son around to all our Islanders games so that he can score the way he did last night? He was probably calling his wife when the camera closed in on him in the owners box.

"Honey, guess what? Yeah! He scored! I know. Everyone was surprised. Of course. I'll tell him Mom says 'I Love You.'"
It was a classic parent moment.

I had a hard time staying awake during the third period, so truth be told I blinked and it went from 3 - 2 to a 5 - 2 final. Has Scotty taken up drinking yet?

Okay, they're home now. Maybe that will make a difference. Maybe not. Rangers on Tuesday. Ice up the knee DiPi. We know how you LOVE to stare down King Henrik.

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