Thursday, February 5, 2009

Add a Name to the List...

Let's just add Nate Thompson to that Injury List that Jason Lockhart is keeping up on the Islanders main site. I really wish he would put the date they went OUT on as well as the amount of time they're expected out. Not that it really matters, but it's easier to do the math.

So Josh Bailey has a two point game, but a horrendous pass to no one late in the third. You owe me one Josh.

Joey MacDonald returned to the net and all I can say is, "Scotty, What the heck were you thinking?" Yann Danis was on a hot streak. What did it really gain to give Joey back the net? Joey made 26 saves, and gave up one too many.

The ice seemed to be bad in spots as Doug Weight went down and had to leave for a few minutes, and then Martinek hit the ice in the same spot. Well, it is Florida.

So much for the winning streak.

I'd like to thank Whale4Ever at SB Nation's The Litter Box for the blogger hospitality. That was fun, and Happy Birthday. And I would have never known about it unless I was on Twitter.

Remember to wear Red tomorrow for Women's Heart Health day. I was really happy that my pin and earrings that I ordered from their website arrived just in time to wear tomorrow. At least that was a pleasant surprise.

I'll mention it here too, if you'd like the Islanders to send you text message updates and recaps, you can sign up for their Mobile Squad by texting the word JOIN to 66856. You can cancel the service at any time by texting STOP to the same number. But it's worth checking out if you have a good text plan with your mobile carrier.

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