Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because I Can - Jason Blake Goal Watch

So yesterday's Valentine's Day Islanders/Flyers match-up didn't turn out the way we hoped. Actually, as I've been saying all along, the Islanders don't do well during day games. So I had no hope to begin with. I was hopeful only because many of my friends had made the trip and were there to cheer on the team.

Sadly, the goal explosion put a damper on their cheering section. And in all honesty, although I was listening to the game sitting in a high school hallway at one of those molded 60s classroom chairs, I actually nodded off for a few minutes during the second period. But the text messages kept coming from those in attendance, and they weren't happy.

Ex-Islander Aaron Asham had his way with Jackman. Campoli caused that penalty shot. And Sean couldn't find the back of the net. The only one who did was Andy Hilbert. It was just one of those days -- Again.

So while I'm all dressed in red and drinking champagne and eating heart shaped ravioli, I get a text from Mike. "Blake just scored 2 in 15 seconds."

I almost jumped out of my chair. I'm so happy for him. Almost the same way I was happy with the unexpected production of Mark Streit and Doug Weight. They weren't expected to do well, but they did. Of course, the party ended when both went down with injuries. But for Blake's dark days of last year and his less than stellar season, I'm sure no one expected to see the explosion in point production. No one .... but me.

I've said from the start that Jason Blake should be a 20 - 25 goal scorer consistently. But I also said he needed his contacts adjusted. Well, his point production seems to be coming less from an eagle eye from the point and more because he's taking his chances up close and personal to the goal net. (Although there's a photo of him at the Leafs Skills Competition in a ball cap and glasses, so maybe he did get his perscription changed!)

Barring unforeseen injury, Blake could indeed get close to his much heralded 40 goal season. Seriously, I wonder if every time that little bug scores Garth Snow turns off his blackberry because he's afraid there will be another email from me.

So for my detractors who like to leave those no-name nasty comments every time I put something out into the blogosphere about Jason, save your keystrokes. I don't approve them any way.

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