Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sean & Joey Mac get bitten by the Bug

It wasn't until late this evening that I finally found out the fate of Sean Bergenheim, even though I had asked about it since last night.

Sad to say, it had to come from a message board post and not from the PR Dept. Sean has been returned to NY for evaluation for a groin strain he suffered during last night's game.

MacDonald seems to have a knee injury and has also been returned to NY and will not be playing in Thursday's match up.

My only question is: Was Joey's injury related to the accidental collision he suffered with Jason Blake?

While there is no one in hockey who has protected that little bug more than I have, I was upset with what happened behind the net when Blake collided with MacDonald. I know this was not intentional, but it speaks to an inherent problem with Blake's play; he keeps his head down far too often.

He lost control, Joey wasn't looking either and Blake tumbled over him and was caught up in the back of the net. That would have been fine, had Blake's skate blade not come precariously close to MacDonald's neck.

Had it not been for the neck guard, MacDonald would not be heading to NY for evaluation. He would be headed to NY in a body bag.

I know how sharp those skates of his are. I was a schmuck and bought a pair from on Ebay. You can slice tomatoes with them.

This was a frightening moment with only a knee injury coming from it. But players have to make a conscious effort to keep their heads up and know what's happening in front of them.

If they don't, there will be more jobs in the NHL and no one to fill them. They'll all be on the IR. How many Sound Tigers do we have to bring up before we start bringing them up from Utah?

Viewing party tomorrow at Dave & Buster's in Westbury with recovering veteran Mike Sillinger @ 7:30 pm. I'm considering it.

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Anonymous said...

Dee, to see Blake's skate at Joey's neck was most certainly unnerving.