Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, I'm Glad THAT'S over!

Rangers win the last game of the '08-'09 season rivalry matches. I am not surprised. Hopefully the Rangers were a little surprised that the kids didn't lay down and play dead for them but instead gave them a run for their Big Blue Broadway money.

I've gained a whole new respect for Blake Comeau for his little on camera "Kiss-Kiss" motion to Sean Avery, as well as Kyle Okposo's fine "Howyado - FU" to him as well.

Thank you to Trent Hunter for splaying him on the ice, but it surely wasn't as bad as Avery made it seem. Those acting lessons are obviously going to pay off for the Rangers the balance of their season.

Congratulations to Jack Hillen on his first NHL goal. I said from the first time he played -- I like that kid. Even if he isn't much of a kid any more.

Nice job by Bridgport call-up Joel Rechlicz to be noticed. Please, don't ever expect me to pronounce or spell his name correctly again. Even though Dominick from tutored me at it, and I thank him.

I missed my Blog Box buddies, but was content on the couch with my husband; each of us on our respective laptops, eating popcorn and yelling at the TV. Good times. (Yeah yeah... this is what you get when you've been married for 17 years.)

Two games this weekend, both afternoon match-ups. We know what happens at day games -- They lose. Hopefully, they can get one win out of it for this Alumni weekend.

Monday begins the three day GM conference in Florida. Wonder if Garth will growl at one or two of them for deals gone wrong. Who knows? Certainly... not me.

It's Friday.
It's Lent for those of us Catholics out there. That means only one thing -- Pizza, Fishsticks and Spaghetti. Oh joy.

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