Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've had time to think about the details of the new arena as well as the surrounding area of the proposed Lighthouse LI project.

On paper, it is better than anything Disney could imagine. In my mind, what I can envision for this current vast expanse of gray parking lot is second only to heaven.

So here is a list of details I wold love to see at the project. Mind you, I have not passed these by anyone I know who works for the project. So please don't take anything you see here as a hint of the wonder yet to come. Although that skating rink in the photo would make me happy, so I'll assume that's already ONE item off my wish list that will be included. So here goes:

Lighthouse LI Wish List:

1) Cup holders! Come on, Bridgeport has them, why can't we?

2) Better wireless service in the arena so that I can actually HEAR the game and not just watch it.

3) Starbucks! REAL Starbucks, or Seattle's Best. And not just urns of already brewed regular coffee at concessions. I want a store front and all it entails. I'm spoiled rotten and I want my coffee. Decaf preferably after 8 pm!

4) A wine bar. Not just any wine bar, a LONG ISLAND wine bar! We have a wonderful wine industry here on Long Island, so why can't I get a glass of Bedell Merlot, or Pindar Winter White at the largest entertainment venue on Long Island? I want it.

5) A team store at the front of the arena that's OPEN when the arena is NOT! In Columbus they have a fabulous store right at the entrance of the arena. You can buy anything you want right there. In Boston, there's a Bruins team store in the train station below the TD Bank Centre. You can keep some of the concession stands, but I'd love to see a team store at the team's HOME.

6) A sky way. If you've been to St. Paul, you know what I'm talking about. There are walkways that connect building to building so you never have to brave the elements. There are security doors at each building and they are monitored by camera. They are clean and beautiful and offer a breathtaking view of the city. With the proposed project being one of the most magnificent developments on Long Island, I think something that connects each piece would make a lot of sense. To be able to WALK from the hotel to the concourse of the arena without having to wear your coat and snow boots in January would be a dream.

7) The Ladies room stalls should include TWO strong hooks and PLEASE, a pull down shelf. Perhaps this is just me being the pack mule that I am at games, but between my purse, my laptop bag, my coat and a bag of new purchases, I have no place to put all of it in the rest room.

8) Lockers? Maybe? Again, for those purchases and the bulky coats that make sitting in a packed arena less than comfortable.
9) Public skating. Oh, you have that. Perfect!
10) Concerts: indoors and out. Wait! You have that too!
I'm sure there are many other details that I can come up with, but these seem to come to mind first. Do you have anything you'd love to see there? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Dear 7thwoman,

I agree with everything on you list. I would add two things however
1. BATHROOMS. Nuff said.
2. How about Dee's kitched, where all your delicious dishes would be available to all the fans!

Bonus: Irish coffee.

Doug said...

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Sports Technology Center and Practice Complex. When you start a new industry in Sports Medicine AND have 50,000 sq. ft. of sports activity space (including 4 new ice sheets) it kinda makes my mouth water. Dee would know better than most why that is.

As far as game type amenities go, give me a hot, soft pretzel the size of my head, a REAL Nathan's Hot Dog and an ice cold Blue Point Beer (preferably Oatmeal Stout) or 3 and call it a day.

The food was better this year, but it can be even better once the Lighthouse goes up around the Coliseum. In correlation with that, there definitely needs to be a dramatic drop in the prices. Paying $8-$10 for a 16oz. beer is ridiculous.

Dee made an excellent point about the cup holders. Considering we've sat in the finalists (the 5-7 different stadium seating samples that are displayed at the Lighthouse Group Office) I would say it's a forgone conclusion.

That should be it for now. If I think of anything else I'll make sure to pop in and interject again. LOL.

Oliver said...

I would add a few items to your list:
1) place where you can get a real sandwich - an on site 'Carnegie Deli'
2)A few vendors of the different types of Ethnic Foods that are representative of our Islands diversity -Polish Kielbasa, German Bratwurst, perhaps some Chines Food.
3)Some places where you can get better tasting beer whether it be German, Dutch, Belgian or Australian plus some local Micro brewery brands.
4)More Garbage receptacles so that the trash could be deposited instead of having to lie under our feet.
5)Also I second Doug's motion to increase the number of restrooms - nobody wants to miss part of the game because there is a line at either the Ladies or Mens rooms.
These would be a good start and I am hopeful that other readers of your fine blog will add their two cents too.

7th Woman said...

Thanks guys, this is fun! I'd also like to add one for the blog box crew -- A new press room 6 that doesn't back up to the shower room so we don't have to try to hear the coach over the stereo. ;o)

~me said...

I already got my wish....

but yes all the things you mentioned- but can that covered walkway start at my front door?

Anonymous said...

I just wish for the project to happen. It will provide economic opportunities (JOBS) for us but for our children as well.

It may sound selfish, but I want to make sure that I am able to enjoy my children and grandchildren for many years to come.

While the lighthouse project might not be able to guarantee the latter, it might be able to keep some young people from leaving the island as they have been in recent years.

Anonymous said...

1. whiskey bar.
2. pool hall.
3. otb

Anonymous said...

Just got back from The Rock, they did it right in Newark.

Lighthouse Needs:

-Taste of Long Island Food Court
-High School Hockey Jerseys hung on a huge wall in the shape of Long Island (They actually do this in the Seattle Seahawks stadium with high school football helmets in the shape of the state of Washington, real cool)
-Views of the ice while walking around the concourse
-Bars on the lower level you can eat and watch the game at