Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sound Tigers Game 2 Sat 4/18/09

9:20 pm: With 4 skaters aside as penalties are evened out, that was the second time I saw a puck go through Jack Hillen's legs. Kyle just made a beautiful move that shows why HE is with the big club but there was no one there for his rebound except a guy in black. Fiddle faddle.

9:10 PM: Once again the dreaded red light goes off behind Lawton as a puck just blows right past him to even the score up at 4 - 4. The SOG are still in the Tiger's favor, but now they have to start all over again. Who will be the hero to get that go ahead goal? Who?

9:05 pm: They have to make it interesting. It's now 4 - 3 Sound Tigers with 13:48 left of the 3rd. Come on guys! You gotta win this one!

8:39 pm: Chuck a Puck! You know... I really love the Bridgeport team. The things they do with the crowd, the work the Booster Club does, they really are a model AHL franchise. 8:36 pm: Also Drive for Five from NYIC stopped by to keep me company as I am all alone here since Gary went to sit with his lovely wife Claire.

Can I just mention that Jon Sim is taking a freakin’ beating in this game. Just saying.
Lee just shot so hard that if it HAD been on net, it would have gone through Curry

8:30 pm: Of all people, Okposo gets involved in a little pushing in shoving and the Penguins take a penalty. Hey!!! Leave Kyle alone! He has a plane to catch and a country to represent!

8:27 pm:
It’s still 3 - 2 with SOG at 19 - 12 in favor of the Sound Tigers. I met my friend Eric on the concourse along with some members of the NYIC group. The die-hards are being supportive! They told everyone they could move down from the upper bowl, and yet some people are staying there. I guess they have space issues.
I’m trying not to consume too much bandwidth because it’s not the usual Internet feed, so my phone is running non-stop and I can’t twitter. If I could I would tweet that the Tigers now have a 2 goal lead with a goal by Jesse Joensuu! And somehow, someone came along and ripped the line up page off my media packet while I was on the concourse. At least they didn’t steal my lap top.

7:44 pm:
A goal by #37 Iggulden makes it 3 - 2 as the SOG are now even at 7 -7.
Directly across from us is a group of boys that are shirtless. At least they are heading to the dressing room up 3 - 2 after the first. That’s a nice change.
Did I actually hear the idiot in front of me BOO when they announced there were girls out there playing hockey with the boys in between periods? Idiot

7:28 pm:
Way too much action in the Sound Tigers end on this penalty to Kyle as Lawton just keeps giving up rebound after rebound until finally… DING, the light goes on. But a nice rush up the other end ties it again at 2 as Kyle Okposo gets his first AHL playoff goal. Got that feeling Kyle? Now do it in a Team USA sweater please!

7 pm: And so it ends.

And once again, I'm a little on the annoyed at the turn out. I'm telling you, by not showing up for these games with these prices, you have sent a message to management that the price point doesn't matter to you. Therefore, do not expect to see prices like these again.

Reminder, The Tiger Track, written by Tom Liodice is live blogging from the main website for all those who can't see the game. The website is also broadcasting this game, so you can watch it.

Me... I'm going to watch it from the top of 201 for the last time this season. I've got my camera, my laptop, my glass of wine. As Gary Harding just said, then all is right with the world. This is TRULY the last hockey game of the season to be played in Uniondale. We won't have another one until October.

I gotta tell ya, I love that sound tiger blow up thing they come out of. I want one here. Give me a big Sparky head that breathes fire!

19:30 of the first and we start the game with a goal…. Against! I’m starting to think Kyle might like that long plane ride tomorrow that he can sleep on.

Penalty on MacDonald for hooking was killed off and the Pens didn’t really get any shots on goal out of it. Meanwhile, there’s an Eric Cairns sighting behind the bench. Hey! Cairnsy! Have you seen my husband’s jersey?

And luckily the Sound Tigers strike back with a goal by #18 Haley and a penalty on Okposo just took the wind out of our sails.

Broadcast personnel spotting in the stands: CJ Papa and his son Kyle and Steve Mears (without a tie).


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Sounds like a good time even though we didn't win. I do wish the turnout had been better. I would have thought there would have been more travelling fans from CT.

Seriously, we need to win tonight. Will you be travelling to CT

PS- Jon Sim is really still playing down there??