Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just a thought...

I obviously have a lot to learn.

Yesterday, while at the front of the viewers at that rally, I was fumbling with my camera, my recorder (which was in full view in case any one needs to know that), a pad, a pen and (of course because I have the misfortune of being female) my purse.

The very experienced admin of Islanders Point Blank had..... nothing. Or at least, nothing that I could see. As I wrote feverishly in my Islanders notepad and took photos with one hand with the pen in my mouth (I know, gross, but I only have two arms), Mr. Botta stood relaxed in a t-shirt and shorts.

I spend five hours transcribing 45 minutes of tape, he bangs out an entire time line in an hour.

I am impressed by the master.

Pens tonight! I better be back from freakin' softball by puck drop!

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Anonymous said...

WAV file transfer

from IslesPB comments:

drag WAV file into iTUNES.
then highlight the file in the ITunes library

on a PC, click "Advanced" top left menu
go down to "Create MP3 Version" choice 5.
iTunes SHOULD take a minute - or longer if a sizable WAV file. 45 min could be long, but a progress bar will show you time remaining