Sunday, May 31, 2009

Softball, Softball, and more Softball & a little Politics

Just checking in from my tour of duty as Softball Mom and personal paparazzi for the brat baby. Last week, the 14U Riptide took the 16U Championship at the Silver Bullets Bats for Breast Cancer Tournament. This week, her Sayville High School Girls Varsity team has taken the Suffolk County Class A title this weekend and go on to play again next Monday for a shot at the Long Island Championship.

The Riptide girls seeded first in yesterday's games in the Bandit's tournament and gave up one run. Many of these girls played three back-to-back games on Saturday. They play again today at 12:45 pm. Two guesses where the hell I'll be all day. First one doesn't count.

There has been plenty of blogosphere coverage on Kate Murray finally answering questions about the Lighthouse. If you would like to hear it for yourself and are available on Tuesday, June 2nd at 11 am, you can wander over to the Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building at 1550 Franklin Ave in Hempstead. There will be an open public meeting by the Regional Planning Council. I'm sure it will be interesting.

David Reich Hale has had some interesting items in the LIBN website regarding the Lighthouse, Kate Murray and now even Point Blank's Chris Botta. I've been reading the LI Biz Blog for quite some time now and LI Business News has always been a great source of information and commentary about Long Island.

TRY to give David a little breathing room though. He's just helping to spotlight this situation to those who may not otherwise know about it.

Personally, I'm very curious to know about the status of all the other projects in Hempstead that Ms. Murray talked about in her Q&A with Mr. Reich Hale. How long have they been waiting for approvals and start dates? How long does it take to get ANYTHING done in the Town of Hempstead?

Seriously? How long?


McCauley's Blog said...

Gotta love the ballpark!! Congrats to your daughter and their team!

~me said...

That was so much fun!!! well except for that gut-wrenching, cross your fingers, nail biting- (oh wait he doesn't do that anymore...SMILE) last inning!

And what a super-star that Kira is and ENJOYS every minute of it!!!
Can't wait to cheer her on some more~

and GO Redwings!!! and BAM should come over for the (hopefully) finale and our one year...time sure does fly when your having fun....

then we have softball...
HAHa...i actually learned WHY they walk players!!! you can't get rid of me!