Monday, May 4, 2009

Stepping Up to the Mic

And talking hockey with Brad Kurtzberg last night at WGBB AM studio in West Babylon.
The last time I was there was October of 2007 and I was exceptionally nervous. This time, with so much more experience in the hockey world (yeah, right) I was far more comfortable and actually didn't feel like I was going to throw up. No. Last night my biggest worry was "Dear God, please don't let me curse on air."
Brad and I have become good friends in the last two years and we talk all the time. He knows me well, and yet he STILL asked me to come in. As a passionate hockey fan, our conversations can become quite "colorful" to say the least. With the front cover of Newsday proclaiming Wang's remorse for purchasing the Islanders, I thought for sure I'd let one or two profanities slip. Luckily.... I didn't.
As the last of four guests last night, I was happy to hear the first guest, Kevin Greenstein from have some pretty similar views on the upcoming draft to my own. I also listened intently to Dave Maloney discuss the pitfalls of the NY Rangers and kept myself from laughing at their early exit from the playoffs.
When I first arrived at the studio, I talked to Brad about the shocking end of the NJ Devils season and wondered how Lou Lamarillo felt about it. After all, Brian Burke may be the Pope of hockey, but Lou Lamarillo is certainly the Godfather!
Sure enough, Brad asked Matt Sweetwood of how Lou was handling the defeat and what he planned to do in the off season.
With Adam behind the glass at the mixing board and Brad at the mic, the show's timing was as perfect as a Rolex watch. Then it was time and the mic in front of me went "live."
Maybe espresso wasn't the best thing to drink in the car on the way over to the studio? I think the speed at which I let loose even surprised dear friend Brad. I just knew as the last guest on, with the clock ticking, I had to get it all out there before the clock struck 10.
I had only been prepped with "Okay, be ready to talk about the draft and about the Lighthouse." I was. But then additional questions started coming and still managed to run out answers at lightening speed.
My only regret is calling the draft combine "Columbine." I realized it in my head the second time I said it and felt like an absolute jerk and started to wonder to myself what else I could have possibly said incorrectly.
I'll have to take a listen. You can too as Rob Kowal (the man that hardly sleeps) already posted the podcast last night after 11 at
*Additional hockey notes: Carolina stuns the Bruins 3 - 0, NBC lets the Ducks & Wings go into triple overtime and doesn't cut away to celebrity poker, Team USA takes on Mark Streit and Team Switzerland today at 2:15 pm (they had better win damn it!) and Stan Fischler called me "The Ultimate Ice Cashew".... and I loved it.


Anonymous said...

hey.. i just read this, from canada... apparently the islanders are going to draft victor hedman and somehow the leafs will get john tavares.. big surprise..

Rob K said...

Dee great job on the show last night... I wish I could have been in the studio with you and Brad... there's always next season!