Thursday, May 14, 2009

Think You Can't Grow Hockey in the Desert? Just ask A Woman!

While listening to my my weekly dose of the NHL Hour on XM Home Ice, 204, Commissioner Gary Bettman took a call from a woman in Phoenix. She was very pleasant and wanted to thank Mr. Bettman for his support of the Coyotes in the fan's plight of keeping the franchise exactly where it is.

Mr. Bettman did reiterate the League's "covenant" with the fans, "We do EVERYTHING we can to FIX problems. We don't run out on the cities." You could tell that he was very sincere in his words as was the female caller from Phoenix who called in appreciation.

When Mr. Bettman asked her if she felt that Hockey belongs in the desert, her answer was simple. "YES! I wasn't a fan until I saw my first hockey game in 1997. Now I'm the President of the Booster Club."

Just as I have asserted all along, it is the female demographic who is becoming more and more important to this game and this league.

Regarding the court case surrounding the Coyotes, the NHL was in court today and I do not have any information on that as of yet. However, the City of Glendale itself has filed a suit because the wording in the lease requires all home games to be played in that arena. They feel they too can block the sale to the Blackberry king.

In addition, while I was researching the law suits, I stumbled upon this quote from Mr. Bettman by Bob Baum at the Associated Press.

"I don't know if he (Jim Balsillie) could get approved. That's as I said, something I don't get a vote on. If in fact it becomes an issue for board consideration, the board of governors of the league will make that decision."

So, for all those who believe that Gary Bettman is the man standing in the way of "MakingitSeven," think again.

And Speaking of SEVEN -- Two game sevens tonight and hopefully they will both be better than the one we watched last night.

Later all

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