Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

It's only 7 am and I woke up with one eye feeling as if it was glued shut. Luckily, it was my good eye.

Once again, I don't know why the hell I read the paper or listen to the news when I first wake up. It just makes you want to crawl back into bed.

First, on the local political side. Did you see another developer is asking for answers from the Town of Hempstead for their Mitchell Field Project? Did any of us know there was a Mitchell Field Project going on??? Well there is! A stone's throw from the Coliseum parcel.

Now, if this project with it's 160 apartments and 44 town houses gets pushed through by the ToH, won't that be VERY telling? The development is not by a Long Island firm but by a Virginia developer. Ten percent will be "affordable housing."

Hey!!! Garden City, what do you have to say to that????

*Note: That's just a photo a random photo of buildings.

Next up, the Phoenix Coyotes file bankruptcy and look to sell the team. Enter the man who would be king in Canada, Jim Balsillie. The NHL let out a collective gasp. I'm sure they're really happy now they just pumped money into the franchise. Ouch.

As mentioned however, I'm sure the Toronto Maple Leafs are constructing their argument against another team in their market. This should be interesting.

The first face transplant in the United States is revealed, and I wish I wasn't eating breakfast at the time.

Team USA takes on Team Finland today in Switzerland and it's a must win game. I wonder if Sean Bergenheim was on team Finland, if Kyle Okposo would get into a pushing match with him? We'll never know, will we. Good Luck Scott. If Jason Blake hits the post again instead of the back of the net, tell him you're going to unleash ME on him. That should motivate him.

The Islanders create a "Who's Your No. 1 Draft Pick" contest to take winners to Montreal to the draft and some fans complain about it. WTF?

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Let's see what other surprises can pop up today. I'm sure there will be some.


~me said...

....."The Islanders create a "Who's Your No. 1 Draft Pick" contest to take winners to Montreal to the draft and some fans complain about it. WTF?....."

OH act shocked...its because they are grouchy...miserable....pathetic souls...

going at you and your efforts- when they know your heart of gold...nevermind ALL of them deep down bleed orange and blue-and the NYI are "trying" but rather than accept the facts of change...they cry like babies..It may be more pronounced in one fan than another, but unless they recognize what's being done and learn an effort is being made-versus bitching about ANY effort, they don't get it when it comes to what's needed in the sports business world, they would rather think they know better and are capable of doing better- Every relationship they have will have disintegrates into a power struggle that makes them more miserable, because when the reality of it hits them and they realize they are powerless and lack so much. However, some suffer with bad health, be it physical, mental or emotional and they will never be happy-while some find comfort in misery and pain.

jt27 said...

Huh!?!? Is this ^ even about hockey??

7th Woman said...

JT27: Why do you ask? Are you the freakin' blog police?