Sunday, June 7, 2009


Okay, I've slept on it for two nights. I've given it some thought. I've discussed it with other people. I'm not convinced.

While the euphoria of Friday's love fest for the cameras between the politicians and the Lighthouse developers gave Islanders County a moment of joy, personally I'm not ready to buy season tickets for the 2012 season yet.

Previously, I have been called "cynical" by certain other prominent writers. In certain aspects I am. Politics falls into that "I ain't buying it" category.

Friday's meeting was important during the campaign season to show "good faith" to the voters who have been bombarding the Town of Hempstead regarding the lack of movement on the Lighthouse project. The Tuesday Long Island Planning Council's wrist slapping of the town was the cherry on the political cake. Couple that with Governor Patterson's meeting with the developers and you've got a campaign scrambling to look better in the eyes of the voters.

The Democrats have won so many offices lately that the Republicans cannot stand to lose the Town of Hempstead. They will do anything to keep Republican control over it. They will do anything to make sure Kate Murray is re-elected. Personally, I believe this is Step 1.

By giving the impression of being proactive on the Lighthouse LI project they have effectively taken a good portion of the wind out of Kristen McElroy's campaign sails. Certainly the Lighthouse is not her only platform, but it is the one that could garner her crossover support.

The July 7th meeting is strictly to VOTE on whether the DGIS is complete. Does Ms. Murray HAVE to be there? I'm not sure. Could she be on vacation at the time? Perhaps. But July 7th is the only meeting of the board in July. They have one in August as well, so the July 7th date was strictly the only date available on the town calendar and not necessarily a show of "I'm running as fast as I can."

With luck that date will then put an end to the consultant's pay checks. (Note: I believe it's cost the developers an estimated $54,000 to make changes to the DGEIS so far.)

But before we all jump on that "I Like Kate" bandwagon that is pulling up to the Coliseum, I'd like to bring up just a few things that LetThereBeLighthouse's Nick Giglia sent me. He received an e-mail from The Community Alliance entitled "Debunking the Murray Myth."

The stabilized town tax platform? Town taxes were raised by 6.6%.

The highest Wall Street credit rating for ToH? It seems that may be true, but that Ms. Murray was left by her predecessor with a $50 million surplus probably has a lot to do with that.

The restoration of eroded beaches was actually a federally funded project by the Army Corps of Engineers.

There are many, many holes in her political platform for this year's re-election. But I'm glad Nick forwarded me the email, I will certainly now be check on this blogsite that seems to follow the Town Supervisor very closely.

"If the wolf puts on a sheep mask and sits down with the Shepard for tea, is it not still a wolf?" Yes, it is. And it's motives are the same, only the perception has changed.

As Islanders fans and as Long Islanders we need to stay diligent in this cause. We cannot become complacent because Tom Suozzi brokered a photo op. I urge you to stay informed, stay involved, and stay concerned. I'd like to be 100% sure I'll know where our 2009 1st round draft pick will be playing in five years. I'd like to be 100% sure it will be in Uniondale, NY, Town of Hempstead, Long Island.

Until then... come on... Convince me Kate.


Anonymous said...

Love your take. I remain cautiously optimistic. It is perfectly reasonable to expect shenanigans in the future. However, I do give Kate credit in moving towards the right direction. Wish I could have been in the room....

IslesPassion21 said...

It is good that Murray is saying the right things and its ok to think positive but we must keep our eyes on her and make sure she follows thru on her rhetric...

I also wanted to say Nick is doing a tremendous job with his LettherebeLight(house)blog...I think he's doing very important work