Friday, June 19, 2009

The NHL BoreWards 2009

It wasn't the most entertaining NHL awards show I've seen in recent memory. But it also wasn't exactly the worst. However, for myself (the most passionate of NHL fans) it was only adequate. For my husband, the die-hard Islander Dynasty era fan, it was close to torture. Mind you, this may have had something to do with the Yankee game airing after an extensive rain delay. But he wasn't happy and made sure I knew it every chance he got.

I understand the move to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas but I seriously miss the patented Canadian comedy that used to accompany this award show. I'd much rather hear Hockey stand-up from one of our more prominent TV analysts than Chahka Kahn singing off key. Or please, just give Denis Leary the entire show! Please!

Nothing was ever better than the Chris Chelios Pulp Fiction take-off that STILL makes it's YouTube rounds years later. ("Englewood Jack!") Truly one of hockey entertainment's most shining moments. (And I just had to watch it again and laugh. Note to NHL: Billy Guerin can ACT! Check him out. He can!! Use it!)

The most memorable moment from this year will be Tim Thomas's heartfelt acceptance speech, "I've been more concerned just getting my name on a roster, let alone a trophy." I think every hockey fan fell in love with him that moment.

Jean Beliveau's appearance brought history to life, much the way Gordie Howe did last year. Other than that, well, bring on the Draft!

*And that's to one of my twitter buddies who were at the event and posted that twitpic of the sign. Twitter isn't just great for information, but for images as well. It's like being a voyuer and getting away with it.

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