Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Have all the Bloggers Gone....

The bastids are going to Montreal without me, that's where!

But then again, trying to explain to the husband that I want to travel out of the country with four men really didn't sit well, even if those men are all young enough to be my sons.

Nope, so the Mother Blogger stays on Long Island hopefully getting the information about who our next logo wearing prospect is over her little LG Amish phone.

Here is the run down on what our NYI Blog Box has in store for all of us that can't make it to Montreal.

If you'll be at the Coliseum for this monumental night, make sure you look for Stephen from IslesNation.com who will be broadcasting live from the Coliseum floor.

Also live from the crowd of what could be potentially 18,000 participants will be IslandersCrazy who will be blogging live with fan reaction, along with contributions from Doug of Islanders Official Outlook.


islesblogger said...

Pretty sure you were too young to have Ken and I my dear.

PS, all BAM needs is a bottle of Green.....

Doug said...

I'm not sticking my two cents in on this one...LOL