Friday, July 3, 2009

Guerin, Stanley, Nolan

Awwweee... It's always nice to wake up at an un-godly hour and see a nice little story that makes you smile, and Point Blank always manages to find them. So it seems that ex-NY Islander Bill Guerin will bring the Stanley Cup to Long Island. Nice of him to do so since we haven't been able to do it ourselves in what? Twenty-five years? But I'm not sure if anyone other than his kids and their friends will be spending any time with it. At least it will see the LIE again.

The bigger question for the Guerin family should be... where are you going to live next season Billy? Have you put your Long Island home up for sale yet? Great guys like you are hard to come by. Sorry to see you go.

So Ted Nolan has landed himself another job in hockey now that his NY Islanders pay checks have ceased. Hockey Ops? Are you SERIOUS? I like Ted Nolan. He's an affable guy with a great smile and a good heart. But his office skills seemed to be less than adequate. During his time on Long Island, he wasn't one to stay in the loop well.

A few times I would find him at a practice, go ask him a question about something that I knew was going on and he'd say "We are?" Now, perhaps this was just a charming rouse to engage me in conversation, but my gut feeling was he really had no clue.

Good lucky Teddy. I hope you've quit smoking by now.

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feralcatsspayneuter said...

this was a feel good story. I don't care how things ended for him and the Islanders..for the most part, he did do good while he was here, and I'm sad to see him go..happy he won the cup.