Saturday, July 18, 2009

Looking Forward with a Calendar

I anxiously awaited the release of the new NHL season. One reason is because I love looking at it and trying to plan out if I can go on any road trips. Another is because I need to see when my favorite little bug will be "home" for the holidays. And lastly, because I need it to tell my family what I can and cannot attend.

It's a vicious cycle I go through every year. Birthday parties, anniversaries and bar-b-ques take a back seat to hockey.

But this year I did a little more with the schedule than I have before. Check it out here. You can always use the back button to come back here to comment if you wish.

And here I will say this... Congratulations Rick DiPietro who is now a married man. I want pictures of the wedding damn it!

1 comment:

~me said...

I didn't take any pictures! I knew I forgot something!


and uh yah our schedule just got crazy...see you in September..OK...