Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canucks 2 - Jon Sim 1

I really do dislike games that start at 10:30 pm when I get up at 6 am. I'm sure the players hitting the rink this morning at 11 am after getting to the hotel at 4:30 am don't like them very much either. But such is the life of a hockey player.

But who are they? Seriously, last night as the camera panned across the bench, my friends and I kept saying "Who's that? Who's that?" They could have taken a Terrace BC beer league and put Islanders jerseys on them and I wouldn't know the difference.

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. I recognized Josh Bailey and Jon Sim. Sim? Yeah. Sim. Out there showing he still has a little left to give the NHL. He gave them their only goal.

Katie Strang played Islanders clairvoyant on Twitter as there was a half hour delay in the broadcast in New York. She was getting information directly from the rink and Tweeting it. Sort of like when your friend tells you how the movie ends when you're sitting in the dark shoving your face full of popcorn.

There is a very good article on the Islanders main website along with some entertaining video interviews. IslandersTV is doing a fine job there in Saskatoon. Make sure you check it out.

MSG will be airing an Islanders season preview show again this season. Billy Jaffe is there in Saskatoon filming it now and didn't make the trip to Terrace, BC.

Newsday's article about "Positive Strides for DP" by Katie makes me wonder if Ricky is in quarantine since he's practicing for 30 minutes a day in a separate auxiliary rink in Saskatoon. Hmmm... who are they protecting him from? The media?

Tonight another rookie game takes place in Prince Albert. Yawn. Okay then.

The Rangers play a pre-season game tonight at the Garden. I can't wait to see how many Islanders fans go poke at the Rangers writer on HockeyBuzz, or don't we do that?

Lastly, just another indication that Newsday is owned by Cablevision who owns the Rangers, News12 and MSG. In yesterday's Sports Guide for TV there was no mention of the Islanders game in the grid even though it was airing on MSG Plus. (really, go check.) But in today's paper, the Rangers game is listed. Uh huh, nice.

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Dominik said...

>>"They could have taken a Terrace BC beer league and put Islanders jerseys on them and I wouldn't know the difference."

I thought they did do that, as part of the Hockeyville promotion? Else, who was that Jon Sim was playing with? :)