Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is Kate Murray trying to Turn OFF the Light?

I stopped for lunch at work today to read around the net a little. I shouldn't do that when I eat. I only get sick to my stomach.

As training camp is about to start for the NY Islanders the political tug-of-war is still reigning supreme between the Town of Hempstead and the LighthouseLI developers. Guess who is stuck in the middle? Yeah. As usual, WE are.

Let's read MORE about the other suitors for our team. Let's read more about the political string pulling of the town. Who is going to actually WIN this little game the town is playing? And exactly whom is it directed at more, Tom Suozzi and the Democratic party or Charles Wang and Scott Rechler?

I can tell you from a financial point of view, the developers have already lost MORE money than anyone else. They are the ones paying through the nose for all the consultants, surveys, reports, studies and anything else they get a bill for.

It has to stop.

Yes, October 3rd is the deadline for "certainty." It's not that difficult to understand. But Kate Murray and her associates are insistent on pushing the envelope to see who will blink first. It's a foolish game that no one will win.

Just tell the man what he CAN build according to the environmental studies of what the area will support. IT'S THAT DAMN SIMPLE!

Then the developers can decide to move forward with the project or not or sell the damn team or move it. Then Nassau County can figure out what to do with the building that certainly will be condemned as it doesn't meet certain building standards as it is.

Let him know how many jobs he can create, how many people he can house, how many entertainment venues he can develop and how much he can improve the local economy. Sad to think that a development that has so much support can waste so much time in a politic game of chess!!

These are the NY ISLANDERS. They aren't the NY Brooklynites, the NY Queens, The Kansas City Spare Ribs or the Hamilton Blackberries. They're the damn NY Islanders, their home is in Uniondale, Long Island, New York. Home of really short sighted politicans.


Anonymous said...

Well hopefully our new home will be Queens because what is happening here is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

I agree...nassau is a joke...more exposure in queens...better transportaion with the LIRR there...