Monday, January 18, 2010

DiPietro vs. Brodeur: Just like Old Times!

1:07 left of the third and I am packing up.

This was great fun to watch. More much later tonight.

5:47 left in the 3rd: Well, the only question here today will be how bad will the Devils lose this one. You have to believe me when I tell you that actual SHIFTS are being applauded as they leave the ice. It's a wonderful thing.

Even Johnny Z from YES! emailed me to say this was the best game he's seen in 15 years.

This is the team Scott Gordon was trying to put together. This is how they are supposed to play.

Doug Weight in the box for the #isles as Langenbrunner takes a penalty too so they will skate 4 on 4 for 1:25 until the isles get a 35 second power play.

14:03 left of the third and the SOG are now 43 - 13. Rick is not being tested, but he is making some excellent basball style clears up ice. Ahh... just like old times.

3rd period begins: it seems the great Marty Broduer has been chased from the net and replaced with Yann Danis. This is NOT the first time that the Isladners have chased Marty from his crease.

3:49 pm: Announced as the first sell out of the season with an attendance of 16,250 for our afternoon tilt against the NJ Devils.

Wow! A sellout, a Wendy's Chili game, Two goals for Matt Moulson and so far (shh dee, shhhhhhh... a shut out for Mr. DiPietro.)

3:47 PM: The perk of sitting in front of the NHL guys doing stats. The scoring has been changed. The Andy Sutton goal is actually going to Matt Moulson to give him two in this game. It seems he did tip it in. NICE!

2nd Period: I seriously need 27 minute intermissions after the first since this is the time I like to go visit with friends. Plus, the concourse is almost impossible to navigate when it's this crowded.

I made it back to the press box and of couse had to stop for coffee & popcorn and didn't get back to my seat and machine until there was actually less than 10 minutes left of the second. thinking I had probably missed a lot. I turned my attention to twitter so I could read what I missed and what happens? A bad turnover in front of Broduer and it's Wendy's Chili time! Josh Bailey gets the tip in goal from a Jack Hillen shot at 15:42 of the first. The SOG are 27 - 16 at this point.

While I began to get nervous over the dreaded "3 goal lead heading into the third" Andy Sutton manages to get a shot passed Brodeur with only 1:55 left to give them a 4 - 0 cushion. Assist from Trent Hunter who had the wherewithall to pass it to him while Matt Moulson was screening the net.

This is just awesome!

10.7 SECONDS LEFT of the first: Who are these guys? as my husband likes to say. They have been strong on the puck and keeping with Gordon's forechecking system. They get a rousing round of applause at they leave the ice with a two goal lead. SOG are now 18 - 7. They have fixed the clock and I'm heading to meet @Katrina_Doell!

With a little activity in front of Rick, JT takes a tripping penalty with only 3:53 left of the 1st. Get out the PK!The Power play nets a big nothing, but as it was finished, Rick DiPietro did make a really nice glove save on a Zach Parise shot from the right.

7:50 of the first: Sean Bergenheim muscled his way from one end of the ice to the other with the puck on his stick until he was tossed to the ice and a penalty was called on #29 Oduya. Isles PP heads back to work.

Trottier on the Jumbotron still gets a rousing round of applause as he yells, "Go Islanders!"

11:55 of the first and the first penalty is taken by Devils # 24, Bryce Salvador. (Don't ask me what it was for, but it had something to do with Josh Bailey.... I think!)

Islanders on the Power Play. Considering the minimal percentage, lets' see what they can do. There's Streight Hunter, Weight, JT, Streigt and Okposo.
Doug shoots wide. and Okposo keeps it in, but Doug loses it in his skates. Back over the blue line everyone, and then back in.

Brodeur made a good leg save on hunter as he was sprawled on the ice. He also robs JT of a rebound goal.

Hillen, Schremp, Macdonald, Neilsen, Moulson take over and the SOG clock STILL reads 5 - 1 Isles. Penalty over. No goals.

At 3:44 of the 1st Mark Streit makes it 2 -0 Isles when it really should have been 3 -0 as Richard Parks lucky goal was waived off as the ref said he blew the whistle. I must be going freakin' deaf then because there was no whistle. Intent to blow? maybe.

2:10 PM The pucks drops and by 2:11:07 Matt Moulson makes it a 1 -0 game. and by 2:14, Richard Park almost made it a 2 -0 game, but the Refs are waiving off the goal. The Isles have 5 shots already. This is going to get to be a really chippy game and the fans may try to kill anyting in a stripped shirt!

OMG! When @RobCarlinMSG tweeted that it looked like DiPietro would be getting the nod for today's contest, I almost spit my tea at my screen. but it looks like he was right.

When I asked Brad Kurtzberg from Inside Hockey why he thought they would put Rick in instead of Roloson he said two reasons: Rick has to get back to backs sooner or later and he DOES love playing against Brodeur. Yes, he does.

The Coliseum is PACKED today with kids. It is filthy with them in their little jersey's and those foam puck hats. I'm tripping over them! Just a sign that I shouldn't leave the press box.

Well, let's hope the Isles can get an early lead and keep it all the way to the last buzzer!

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