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Isles vs. Caps 1/26/10

Below is the Live Blog, typos and all, and here is the link to the Post Game report. Oye... what a post game.

What I did leave out was my two seconds with Sean Bergenheim and his displaced nose. There are scabs forming in at least five places. I motioned to him "are you alright?" He closed his eyes and shook his head, "yes." in that assuring way to tell the woman who has watched him since he was 18 that I shouldn't worry. He would live. Had he been able to capitalize on any of the chances he had tonight, that nod would have been accompanied by a smile. It wasn't.

with less than 5 minuttes left and a score of 7 - 2 Caps. I'm shutting down and shutting up.


8:19: with MacDonald sprung from the box, he gets into the play in front of the net and grabs the puck by the far boards and skates up ice where he connects with Sean Bergenehim directly in front of Theodore. Sean gets the shot off and it was beautiful -- and it was a save. He skates to the bench exceptionally dissapointed. So am I.

10:34: MacDonald takes a holding penalty and saves another Caps goal in front of Ricky's net. Another classic Ricky Save, Catch, skate three paces, bat it into the nuetral zone.

12:40 Trent Hunter taken down in front of the net. No call. I'm becoming distracted.

Start of the third and I did something very uncharacteristic for me. I walkked away from everything I own. My phone my purse, my camera -- everything. That's when I thought this is the time that I could get kidnapped in the coliseum and no one would ever find me. Luckily, I didn't.

I didn't miss any more caps goals while I was gone. It's still 6 -2 with sog 26 - 22 in the Caps favor.

6:00 And this is why the Caps are so high in the standings. First Ovechkin just skates circles around any defenseman we have on the team, and then Chimera blasts one past DiPietro as if he was invisible. Shots are now 23 - 17 in the Caps favaor and DiPietro is starting to take a few risks out of his crease.

This is also when I start to miss Brendan Witt. He used to be able to drape himself over Jagr so close you thought Jagr was wearing a Witt Jersey. We need someone like that on Ovechkin.

As the Ice Girls come out again, Andy Sutton begins to take offence to something and it gets to a little pushing match.

It's going to get ugly for sure.

The Isles go on a PP with Fleischmann in the box. Three minutes left to make it a little less lopsided.

Bradley takes off with the puck and Rick makes a stop but doesn't get a whistle he skates it out himself half way to the blue line before passing it up ice. A good chance on net, but they clear again.

coemau cskates it in and loses it behind the net. The PP is over and not for nothing, but Ovechikin is just amazing to watch. Good chance by Jon Sim, but it's batted away.

DiPietro skates out to the tunnel looking like he's on a mission. He is. He's getting angry.

Just as I Tweeted, "Is Kyle Okposo the only one playing?" he scored from his knees on a pass from behind the net by John Tavares. Another assist point for JT.

Kyle powered his way up and down the ice until he finally found himself only a few inches from Jose. That's 2 - 5 now. According to Mr. PB, Jack Hillen has gone to the hospital for evaluation. That's the benefit of sitting close to the TV team.
I shold have had my phone closer and I would have known sooner.

Isles PP as #14 Fleischmann takes a seat. Too back the Islanders can't manage to keep the puck in the Caps zone. wit 15 second left Semin gets the puck and heads away but Schremp manages to steal it back. A quidck pass to Nielsen but nothing doing. Ovechkin with the puck scares me. Rick stops and covers. stoppage of play for the Ice Girls to clean the creases.

Start of the second: An as expected, Rick DiPietro is in net. I do not know if Jack Hillen is on the ench, I'll see if someone else knows. The caps now have 14 SOG to Isles 12 and they have 3 more goals. Let's hope the Isles can at least make it a respectable game now.

Okay, there is just something going on with th3e energy in this building as a shot bounces off Rick and right in behind him. It shouldn't have counted. He did have it. But the score says differently. 5 - 1 Caps. I think Jack Hillen won't be the only one to leave blood on teh ice tonight.

05:2 Semin does it again as he just barrels up the ice, kicks the puck from his skates and gets it passed Roloson once again from the left corner of the post. Gordon looks to the rafters. Yep. I think we may see Ricki. 1:35: Dwayne Roloson didn't get the benefit of a whistle as he struggled to cover the puck in his crease and it went under him. Who the hell scored that goal? I thought I saw a 72, Am I getting dyslexic?

2:40: Sean Bergenheim is called for a miserable holding penalty on Ovechkin and while he's in the box, Jack Hillen gets hit with a puck up high in the face and he goes down on the ice. He's helped off the ice refusing the stretcher. The pool of blood is pretty large. This isn't a penalty that we need to wonder how the suspension will go down. This is an unfortunate accident on one of our best young defensemen.

Trying to squeegee the blood off the ice is not easy. guess they don't have a chemical that does it for them. Okay, that's just gross.

10:20: With SOG even at 7, Mike Green takes a tumble over Dwayne Roloson (who gives him just a little help) and the Isles are on a PP. Can they make it 2 - 2 in this high paced game that even the NHL stat guys are calling "fast"?

Okay, that was a nice shot by JT, but once again, just wide. The puck goes all the way up ice and Streit carryes it back into the Caps zone.

Theodore blocked a shot that he left at his feet and the puck goes back up ice towards Roloson. What's this? another Capitals penalty? how can that be? It can. #28, Semin who already hurt us with the second goal now sits in the box and the Isles continue thier PP goal hunt.

They have two shots on goal so far on these PPs, but they keep losing the puck. Short handed chance by #10 Bradley right on Roloson's doorstep. Hillen's shot was tipped and hit the glass and Roloson came way too far out of the crease for my liking.

A little give and go in the Caps end and two rockets by Streit that Theodore fights off. Penalty over. Isles get three shots on their two power plays but are still down by 1.

15:11: In an unusual twist, every islander clear attempt was captured by a Capital player. Every single one of them. On their 4th shot, Semin got another one by Roloson. I'm thinking we may see DiPietro in this game.

Penalty on Morrison drawn by Sim. Let's see if the Isles can do something with this. Bradley blocked a shot that was then promptly cleared out of the caps zone. But leave it to Robbie Schremp to cut that lead in half!

18:50: And the Caps second shot on goal goes right passed Roloson like a rocket, and not even by Ovie. But by ex-Isle John Erskine wearing #4.

And Welcome Back Andy Sutton!

With allt he questions about Josh Bailey and his Doctor's visit today, the healthy scratches are once again: Marty Biron and Jeff Tambellini.

Beware of Alexander the Gr8. Just keep the puck away from him boys.

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