Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome Dustin & Happy Birthday Captain Weight

3:07 left of the third, but I am going to pack up. Maybe If I do that, someone willl score and the game won't go to overtime.

I told you people these teams were even. Oh boy are they...

11:31 left of the 3rd: Jon sim takes not only the first penalty but the second of the game for goaltender interference and Doug Weight argues the call. No dice dougie, Jon sits.

Penalty killers back at work in the Islanders end. Panthers setting up well and one pad save by Rolie and a rebound that keeps the puck in. I heard a post and the the puck goes over the blue line by just a touch.

Face off outside the zone and Nielsen keeps it out of the zone. and then Okposo steals it and Okaposo is knocked to the ice and there is no call and he loses his stick. Boy is he pissed. He yapps at the refs all the way back to the bench and actually takes himself out of the play. The crowd is chanting A$$hole at the refs. But the penalty is killed with no goal scored. SOG are now 30 - 29 in the Isles favor.

The best part of the night so far is having @mozy19 in our building with Islesblogger Mike.

First penalty of the game, two guesses... Jon Sim with a slashing penalty. Bergenhiem manages to get the puck in the Panthers end and kill off their power play. They need a little more energy out there. Do they really want the Panthers to head back to Florida with the two points?

The kiss cam is a HUGE failure. They really need to stop it.

Start of the third and a quick whistle and another face off. And so far, the only whistles have been for various stoppage of play and no penalties! Hmmmm... Not bad, but does make for a little bit of a snoozer.

6:14 left of the 2nd: Okay, Roloson isn't exactly controling the rebounds and is sort of leaving them in his crease. But the defense is batting them out for him. Hmmmmm... not happy with that. but so far it hasn't hurt him.

2nd period and the Panthers take a one goal lead on a goal by Nathan Horton. Or, Horton Hears A Who as my husband likes to call him. The Panthers, who should be exceptionally tired, are outshooting the Islanders so far.

Sean Bergenheim has been muscling his way to the net, but the passes just aren't connecting. So far Dustin Kohn's first period wasn't bad. Seven shifts and 4.5 minutes of ice time.

Rolie is getting very agressive outside the top of the crease. He is also doing his best Rick DiPietro impression grabbing a puck out of mid air and batting it like a baseball. Trouble is... it's a dangerous move!!

Blake Comeau evens up the score at 11:39 on a pass from Bruno Gervais. Comeau's sixth of the season as the shots are 21 - 13 Panthers. Dustin Kohn gets his first assist point.

Happy 39th Birthday Captain Doug Weight! If I knew I would have brought you cookies!

Dustin Kohn arrived today and is wearing his new NY Islanders Jersey. He's wearing #56, one number off the gold charm that still graces my necklace... STILL!

I'd like to apologize in advance for the photos that will float all over the place and the typos. As well as the lack of live blog updates as I've got too many people here to see tonight and will absolutely be running around the barn like a mad woman. Cool... I could use the exercise.

I see Scott Allen is NOT wearing his dark shirt and tie today. No mafia look behind the bench tonight. Oh well. I sort of liked it.

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