Saturday, February 13, 2010

Isles 5 - Lightning 4 & Free Chili

*Post game report and interviews with Marty Biron and Matt Martin here at HockeyBuzz. And thanks for the idea of the Fedora. It gave me a chance to wear my Christmas gift. I got quite a few compliments on it, most noteably that's on my recorder from the locker room was "Sick hat, Dee!" Yep, it's the little things about this I really enjoy.

9:45 of the third: MacDonald gets almost thrown over the boards into the bench and no one says boo. How does that happen? Finally, I'm hearing a Let's Go Islanders chant.

It didn't last long.

Start of the third: Steve Downie ties it at 4 for the bolts while we were waiting in line for Mike Mancuso to finish his radio gig so we could all get back to our seats. I'm telling you, it's tight up here today.

Oh I am just having a hell of a time today! Now I lost the internet connection in the room that I needed to go to in order to plug in for awhile to charge my laptop. How can this be? Simple. It’s me.

Well the good thing is my hat seems to be a big hit. The bad thing is that the batteries on my camera are going too. When you’re having a day… you have a day. Today seems to be mine. But the Isles are currently up over the Lightning and they are about to start the third. If they can pull this one off, it will do a world of good for Marty Biron’s confidence who now also has an assist point. I’d check to see how many he’s had in his career, but I CAN’T GET ON THE INTERNET. Damn thing. I’m not quite sure how well this has charged my laptop. But it will have to do.

If I lose you, of course there will be post game much later today.

2:46: Richard Park finally gets one as the Isles are now up 4 - 3. Maybe every Islander that hasn't scored in awhile can get one today. PS... That's a little more than Chili. But now we have a penalty call on Joensuu. Damn! The momentum doesn't last long here on the Island!!

3:39: Okposo from JT at the side of the net once again, it seems to be a good match with Matt Moulson doing the screening. All even at 3.

John Tavares can't buy a goal as he skates in all along and goes wide. But someone does draw a slashing penalty and the Isles head to the PP with Smaby in the box.

7:33: Okay, so not only does Nate Thomnpson have a fight thqt gets the kid out of the game, but now he gets the go ahead goal for the bolts. So not fair. But we are now at 3 - 2 Lightning with SOG 20 - 21.

13:30: Marty makes a huge stop on a breakaway. Nice! Now what I wanted to say before was that it was interesting to see that John Tavares gave Victor Headman a little shoulder shove. JT bounced. Victor didn't move. It was interesting.

Just as Mike Mancuso from WFAN said "I can't believe Doug Weight hasn't scored a goal.." he does!! Doug Weight ties the game at two and gets mugged on the ice by his team mates.

Start of 2nd: With a few ticks less than a minut left of a power play, the Islanders don't manage anything to help themselves out before going back to even strenght. St. Louis has the puck and get's bumped by Blake Comeau and just goes down. Is he that light?

Rob Schremp just misses a pass, so Mark Streit shoots at the net a little off balance but does keep it in the Bolts aone.

To redeem himself Schremp took the puck from one end of the ice to the other all by himself but couldn't get it in. Again... Where's the Finish?

1:08: Rob Schremp is denied on the doorstep of Niittymaki but the isles get a PP chance as Steve Downie is in the box for slashing I think. Again, good chances but no finish. Teh isles head back to the room down by one with :52 left of the power play when they return to a fresh sheet of ice.

5:31: With all that momentum, you'd think it would take a few minutes for the Bolts to get another goal. Not a chance. Mike Lundin gets one right by Biron to make it 2 - 1 on the Bolts 10th SOG. Matt Martin also received a game misconduct and skated off the ice. I don't think it's fair, but that's what happened.

5;45: Well, here's to Matt Martin's second fight of his NHL career as he takes on ex-Islander Nate Thompson center ice. The kid has amazing strength as he stayed on his skates and didn't go down. I'd call it a draw however as the refs had to break it up since no one was leaving the party.

Kyle Okposo looked as if going to make it 2 - 1, but somehow it just didn't go in.
8:45: Stamkos evens the score at one on the Lightenings 7th shot of teh afternoon from four feet away from Marty. And guess who went back to the box... Bergenheim. Putting the Isles down a man with the momentum of that goal is not good. Gordon is not going to be happy about that.

8:53 left of the First: And Marty freezes the puck and the ice girls come out to tidy up the creases. Antero takes this time to do a few stretches outside his net. I guess the no morning skate for anyone today is having an effect on him. I'm sure Marty is on the other end ... talking to himself. No... just kidding.

Isles best chance on the PP came when Andy MacDonald missed the net by a few inches. But only a few blinks later, enough for me to check my text messages, the Isles made it 1 - 0 on a Blake Comeau shot from the left of the dot. I believe Schremp may have an assist point on that. Yep. Confirmed by the NHL guys in front of me.

Islanders go on the PP as #44 sits it out for crosschecking. Their PK was good, can they show us something on the PP?

Or not. Marty Biron made three great saves on the first of the power plays the Bolts were on, and the Isles managed to clear when there was 14 secs left of the second one. Sean is sprung from the box and skates in on Niittymaki. They managed to kill it off and I'm at least a little shocked.

Note: This is Kerry Fraser's last season according to news I heard in the break room. Also, there aer so many people in the press box today, that it is without question the day I end up in some one's lap. At least I'm dressed well.

Confirmed, Rick DiPietro has the flu and will not be playing either game today or tomorrow. Either that or the newlywed just wanted to spend some quality time with his bride.

They have taken my advice and it will be Marty Biron as starter this afternoon. Actually, I don't think it would matter who was in net, this is going to be a hard game for the Isles to win. But that's just my opinion. Where as Dr. David sent me an email this morning saying that he feels the Isles will pull a rabbit out of a hat this afternoon. I like the way he thinks better than I do.

Not even two minutes in and both Mark Streit and Sean Bergenheim are sharing a seat in the box. This will end up being about the fastest PP goal I've seen I'm sure.

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