Sunday, February 21, 2010


For those of you not familiar with Twitter, that's called a Hashtag. It means something you can search by. As there are so many writers on all rungs of the professional food chain, it's a hashtag that is recognized.

Today, I'm having my own #EpicWriterFailMoment. I have a blog entry I have wanted to write for weeks. I have been holding it for the Olympics. I interviewed Jason Blake, Doug Weight and Garth Snow for it. I have quotes I located from Brian Burke and Rick DiPietro on the net. I have quotes from Islanders Authorized from Scott Gordon that I can plagiarize. So much information, so much at my fingertips, and yet I have failed to write it for weeks.

Why? I think I'm afraid I won't do it justice. Right now, on the world's largest sports stage, Hockey is taking a back seat to curling. Except for this RUS vs CZE game that is taking center stage on NBC at 3 pm. The USA vs. CAN game will be on a channel nobody can even find.

I wore my Team USA hockey jersey out today. Of course, it says BLAKE on the back. But that didn't stop the two Skater dudes at Starbucks from yelling USA USA at me at Starbucks this afternoon.

While other fans have many of their team players at the Olympics, we don't. But I am proud as anything to have our coach, Scott Gordon there representing the Islanders as well as Mark Streit doing an exceptional job for the Swiss Team. The only one who is failing dismally is me. It's painfully obvious I do not have the fortitude to be an Olympian of any kind. Unless maybe there was an Olympics of cooking and drinking at the same time... then maybe I'd get bronze. Maybe.

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