Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing Garth - WWGSD

WWGSD Entry #2:
The same question was posed to Nick, Webb20 from NY Islanders Country message board. Nick has been a great moderator, fan and friend and has even raised a few of his OWN hockey players. He even offered Garth Snow a 3 page, typed, business plan a few years ago. Which Garth then sat there and read in front of him. Yep, Nick has his ideas of what to do with our beloved Islanders. Here's what he has to say.

Well last night we had quite a heated discussion around the dinner table about this and we settled on a great trade that could be done by both teams.

We get Cam Barker from the Blackhawks (he's dying behind Keith, Campbell and Seabrook getting 14 minutes of ice time). He can skate with the puck, work the PP (34 assists LY), he doesn't wear a face shield (meaning he'll drop the gloves and has) and is big at 6-3, but not getting a fair shake behind those other 3 d-men. He needs out)

Blackhawks get Blake Comeau, D-man of their choice not named Streit or Hillen and a 3rd round pick. If you need to sweeten the pot you could make it a 2nd rounder or give them an additional choice of Donovan, Hamonic or preferably not deHaan.

How's that?

You want to continue dealing with the Blackhawks, you can add Bergenheim and they can return Troy Brouwer.

Wow! Nick is blunt! My only thoughts are, I would not give up Jack Hillen and believe it or not, I'd be actually willing to let Sean Bergenheim go for the right price. I'm sure no one ever expected I'd say that, but if getting someone a new change of scenery can help to get them going, then I'd be willing to give it a shot for him. I still believe in him. But I see what a new club has done for both Robbie Schremp and Matt Moulson. If Sean would thrive elsewhere, then... so be it.

Thanks for this Nick!
With Brian Burke starting that "crappy part of our business" out with a Big Bang on Sunday, I decided to start talking to some of the most passionate Islanders fans I know. You know, the ones who like to express their ideas in the most detailed, articulate posts.

Here is one from A.N. Onymous. A man who has been an Islander fan for more years than he'd like to count and one who also plays hockey himself.

"...but I honestly feel that Garth Snow is probably doing the best he can under Wang's fiscal restraints.

All I can see him doing is trying to get the best available return for Biron and any dead weight on this team. (I asked who he felt fit that category: Park, Sim, Tambellini.)

If you remember Bill Torrey..he was very much secretive like Snow has been but unlike Snow, he always said the right things at the right time. So I recall any time he was asked by media types about certain rumors, naming some players, he gave us quotes like, 'We have a responsibility to always keep our options open and explore any areas where we can improve the team for this year and beyond, but that doesn't mean that there's anything going on right now or the immediate future.'

BOOM, rumors semi-squashed. Lamoriello is the same way.

I cannot blame Snow this year for everything that's going on. He made some mistakes IMO, no NHL exp. Enforcer in off-season or D upgrade.

But again, you want trade opinions? So her's my response...

I think that area is one of Garth's strongest and I actually have faith in the guy. Honest! The last thing we need is to bring in a "name" player just because teams X,Y & Z are and some of the fans are envious.

Make the best deal you can for players you and your staff have identified as NON-core components going forward. Stick to the rebuild, re-evaluate your assets this off-season and make some minor additions via free agency."

Hmmmmmm... Okay then. The NON-Core players seem to be the ones that get to watch the games from the press box so often.

Thank you Mr. Onymous.

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NickD at NYIslandersCountry.com said...

Thanks Dee. I wouldn't give up Hillen either. It would have to be a D man other than Streit or Hillen. Let them have Meyer, Gervais, Witt, Sutton or MacDonald as they are only going to play small minutes for the Blackhawks anyhow.