Sunday, February 7, 2010

They Made It Seven!

**Note: Here's a really good one on one with John Tavares by a fellow Blog Box buddy. Check it out.

Much to my surprise, I was not the only yappy blogger to not attend last night's battle against Paul Maurcie's 'Canes. I waited for Tweets to come over my phone that just never did. Considering the final score, I suppose that was a blessing in disguise as I enjoyed my evening away from the rink.

After reading all the recaps this morning, it truly was a blessing. Much as the blizzard missing our little corner of the east.

The Hurricanes have fewer wins and fewer points than the Islanders. They managed to find a way to win -- AGAIN. The Islanders continue to find ways to lose.

I argued with the Islander fans at our table last night about WHY they continue to lose. It seems many feel it's all gone down hill since Rick has been reactivated. I mentioned that all our goalies have lost and that we have a considerable lack of SCORING. You can't win a hockey game with only one goal. And those who are there to score have just run dry. Can it be they are relying too much on Rick's ability to play the puck? Is Rick taking too many chances in doing so? (Can I vote yes on these?)

The question is WHY? What the heck has changed? Was the winning streak the fluke? Or is this 7 game losing streak just a glitch in the plan?

Well, it's certain that the Islanders hold many records in the NHL. Sadly, all the recent ones center around losing. Something needs to change. Somehow, the Islanders have to get back that confidence they had before this slump started to take hold.

What hasn't changed is Charles Wang's lack of communication with the Town of Hempstead. Much to my surprise, I received a text about an CBW interview. This was either spur-of-the-moment or one hell of a secret as no one knew it was coming. There was no transcript and no media time to question him before or after the interview. This was Charles Wang being Charles Wang: Bringing his story to the people in his own words.

Sadly, without a damn transcript I don't know what those words are. Maybe they'll offer one up later today. I know the "news" is there is "no news." But I suppose because everyone was wondering what was going on since there hasn't been a peep out of anyone regarding the project, he finally decided to tell the people himself and bypass the press.

The Islanders hold open practice today at the Coliseum. I will be interested to see how many of hte faithful show up on this Super Bowl Sunday when everyone is preparing for the big party, uh game.

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