Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Isles vs. Black Hawks

with less than 4 left, the Hawks get one back from Roli and make it 3 - 5. It actually looked like Blake Comeau scored that one too from this angle.

And with 2:42 left to go, I'm packing up. I don't think this one will go to overtime. So I think I'm safe.

5:36 left: For the second time in this period, Huet has been knocked to the ice. Guess he likes to put himself in compromising positions. No call of course as none is warrented. But dangerous for him.

9:46 left of the 3rd: A puck trickles behind Roloson and into the net, it is deemed no goal. Not that it would matter that much, but at least Dwayne doesn't have to fight for it to be waved off.

Period 3: With a score of 5 - 2, it very well may be the Islanders will keep the Winning Streak over the Black Hawks going. SOG are now 212 - 33 in favor of Chicago, but it doesn't seem to matter much.

8:37 PM: OMG!!! BLAKE COMEAU HAT TRICK!!! Well I guess we know who the media gets to talk to tonight. but instead of hats, everyone is throwing their PC Richard bean bag promo. Sorry Blake, this still doesn't hold a candle to Jason Blake's underwear trick
8:30 pm: Well, it is Wendy's Chili time with a score of 4 - 2 And there's Bill M. "Wesfall" from NYIC on the jumbotron with I think Blake55 dancing away! Nice!

So Richard park has one goal and two penalties this period. hmmm... is that good or bad?

As the second period starts while I'm still wishing my friend Mike a happy birthday, we watch a handful of Islanders' goals that chase Niemi from the net.

Nice to see Jon Sim get one for his hard work and his first game back. See? I said they may have more talent on the Black Hawks, but the Islanders can outwork any team -- when they want to.

Let's see how many mroe they can get. SOG re now a little less lopsides at 16 - 24 with 11:14 left of the second.

And here we go, the mighty BlackHawks have 17 SOG at the 8 minute mark left of the first. "51 from 88" is what I heard as the Campbell shot goes over Roloson and into the net from Patrick Kane.

But with a little extra rest, Blake Comeau decides to even the score at one and it's a new hockey game. The Islanders may be out shot, but they shouldn't be out hustled! Robbie Schremp gets an assist on that one.

As was Tweeted by Point Blank, Sean Bergenheim is a healthy scratch. Um, uh oh. I don't have too many "B" words left on this team and he has always been one of my favorites. But what can I do? This is the way this business is. If it comes to that, I'll have to accept it and move on.

Richard Park ends up in the box and just like that, it's 2 - 1 with SOG now 18 - 5. This may end up being one of those very high scoring games. Sort of like the game against Finland!

Antti Niemi is in goal for the Black Hawks while Cristobal Huet is on a stool sitting in the tunnel. I always find that so amusing about the visiting goaltender having to do that becasue the bench is too short.

Nice shot by Bruno off Niemi's blocker, but they go to the room down by one with SOG 22 - 9. YIKES!!!
I'm going to go meet a friend.

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