Saturday, March 13, 2010

Isles vs. Devils; Hello Yann Danis!

4:14 left of the 3rd: It looks like the game that meant nothing will mean a lot in the confidence dept to the NY islanders without their Captain and a few others. BTW, Jeff Tambellini through two periods of play had all of 9 shifs and 8 minutes of TOI.

8:267 With Dylan Reese in the box for a 4 minute high sticking call, Sean Bergenheim gets a short handed goal to make the game 4 - 2 from a pass from Blake Comeau. They reviewed the goal because the net rocked a little. But it did stand. Thsi will do well for his confidence. Someone please put a freakin' TV in the bathroom because every time Mommy is in there, Sean scores. This has been going on for years now.

Also, that's THREE pieces of the facade that fell off the Coliseum. Not one. Like a house of cards, the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is falling appart. Box office entrace has been closed as a precaution.

7:37 of the 3rd, and Blake Comeau gets a chance to chat with Dylan Reese in the box as he takes a hooking penalty. These refs are trying to even the score maybe?

3rd period under way and Ilya Kovalchuck makes it 3 - 3 and the SOG are now 23 - 24 in favor of the Devils. Oh, and I just heard, a large piece of the facade of the barn blew off. Yeah... all's good in Nassauc county. The box office Exit is closed. Someone call the landlord. ha!

Brad Kurtzberg from Inside Hockey just asked me if Yann Danis knows he's no long on the Islanders Payroll. BWAAHAHAHHA.... Very cute.

6:53 of the 2nd: and my streak continues. If I'm not watching, they score. First Jon Sim scores on Danis to make it a 2 - 1 from Richard Park and then Mark Streit gets a PP goal to put the Isles up 3 - 1. Nice.

3:25: and the SOG are terribly lopsided once again now sitting at 3 - 11. Dwayne Roloson took a penalty for delay of game and Bailey got to sit in the box. Kyle had a short handed chance but Danis said, "No way, Dude." So here we are still at 1 - 0 with the Islanders not able to establish anything other than target practice on Roloson.

BTW, the NHL guys are in rare form tonight in front of me. Nope. They gave it to Freddy Meyer and gave Jackman and Bailey the assists.

2:37: And with that, the Islanders manage to tie up the score with a flukey little goal that get's smacked around a few times in front of Dani from a Tim Jackman shot Not sure if they will give it to Bailey or not since he was in front of the net.
9:07: SOG are 7 - 1 in favor of the Devils. The Islanders can't establish anything. Although Freddy Meyer put a nice check on Pelley.
I'm calling for a nice goal out of Kyle Okposo since I think he can figure out how to score on Yann Danis. Do it Kyle! Just DO IT!

17:08 oif the first, well that didn't take long. One shot on Goal, One goal on Dwayne Roloson. Motteau is credited with a shot that probably could have taken off rollie's knee as it blasted past him and into the back of the net.

Um, Where's Marty?

2nd Shot on Goal, he stopped from a Zajac blast.

With a rare appearance at the barn by IslanderQueen, Wendy and Vic are in the house while I am upstairs. We hung out by the glass and I managed to catch Jeff Tambellini who hasn't been on the ice for almost as long as IslanderQueen hasn't been to a game. And they're off!!!

Trevor Gillies is still here. Let's see how many shifts he gets or penalty minutes.

Yann Danis is in net for the Devils while Marty Broduer gets a rest sitting in the Bud Light Tunnel looking like the Michelin man. How much does that man weigh?

Well, thanks to my friend Wendy and her box that floats, I have made it here to the coliseum. Hopefully a few other people do too.

come on you weenies! If I can make it here, You can!

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~me said...

awww....Dee--- it has been way too long now hasn't glad we got out and went to a Hockey GAME!! big tight hug!! the weather made it even funner- have fun today and don't miss Jason too much- he's enjoying sunny California!!