Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Isles vs. Flyers for the 5th time

Well, one period in the books and surprisingly enough, it's 1 - 0 Islanders. John Tavares found a puck on the side of the net when Leighton was otherwise preoccupied and managed to sneak it in on the side of the net.

Sim has been a nuisance to Pronger and Trevor Gillies actually was let off the bench. I swear, it will snow in Boca tomorrow.

@DNFlyers Tweeted: Flyers locker room is a MASH unit... in the middle of the 1st period! Krajicek = shot to face. JVR = shot to face. Carcillo can't even walk

It has been messy.

Hopefully the Islanders remember this is a 60 minute game, but they managed to come out with the jump that Scott Gordon was hoping for in the first. That is 20 minutes they didn't waste. They have 40 more to go.

Second period, nothing happens on the power play but Kyle Okposo manages to make it 2 - 0 and the Flyers are probably stunned. Peter Laviolette tells the Versus announcer that the Islanders work hard so they shouldn't be taken lightly. No, they probably shouldn't.

But Jeff Carter once again, scores on the Isles making it 2 - 1. He IS Mr. Islander killer as Chris King said on the radio.

End of second and the Islanders are still up 2 - 1. But the question at hand is where is Robbie Schremp? He played a little more than 4 minutes and I'm not sure if he's on the bench or not.

This would be a good time for Newsday reporter Katie Strang to tweet out some info. @Yotesgrl let me know that Dylan Reese is a bit of a jokester. We'll have to keep an eye on him then for the balance of the season.

Start of 3rd. Chris king makes note that Bruno Gervais so far tonight is a +2. Yep. Bruno Gerbvais. But the Isles only managed 5 shots in the second period. This will be the most important 20 minutes of hockey they could play. They need to break the leagues longest running losing streak against an opponent.

There is something going on in the cosmos. Bruno Gervais is playing well, John Tavares scored and Dwayne Roloson just had the biggest brain fart I've seen as he ended up down behind his own net leaving it empty with Flyers scrambling in front. Some how -- they didn't score.

My phone exploded as I actually THOUGHT for two seconds I had something first, but was sadly mistaken. Rob Schremp left the game with a knee injury and would not return. He will be re-evaluated once home tomorrow. Great.

Islanders take a penalty just before the TV time out. This could go from good to bad pretty quickly as Mark Streit is called for boarding against Powe.

Giroux didn't waste any time tieing up th game at 2 and a high stick penalty on Bergenheim will probably get the Flyers up by one and the streak will then continue. As in -- Isalnders can't catch a break.

The penalty ends without an additional go-ahead goal but now with only 8:23 of the third to go, they could easily lose this game.

A very powerful Mark Streit shot bounces off Leighton but no one there fore the rebound. And then Trevor Gillies gets a penalty behind the play and is called boarding scott Hartnell in his 3rd NHL game. And you guys were worried about calling up Wrecker.

6:06 left and the Flyers get the go ahead PP goal they were looking for on a shot by Gagne. Replay shows the puck actually went off Mark Streit's stick and into the net.

The complaint is why did Scott Gordon put Gilles out on the ice with seven minutes left of the third? A good shift by Bailey, Okposo, Hillen but they couldn't tie it up. Line change to Bergenheim, Streit, Weit, Park and Meyer. nothing nothing. 2:32 to go and another line change.

Streit, Sim, Tavares, Moulson who loses the puck leaving it dangling in front of Roloson. Oh i can't keep up with the line changes. But A Flyer slides into his own goalie blocking a shot and the net is dislodged.

Waiting for Roloson to be pulled with 1:32 left. But they can't keep the puck in the Flyers zone.

Time out Islanders with less than 20 seconds left. They lose the face off and the game. The streak remains. The Islanders cannot beat the Flyers.

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