Thursday, March 11, 2010

Isles vs. St. Louis Blues on A Thurs before the Storm

So Bill Evans tells me that the amount of rain we will have from Friday to Sunday would be enough for 4 feet of snow if it was cold enough. Luckily, it won't be cold enough. But it will sure put a damper on the happenings at the Coliseum this weekend as they will be playing back to back games on Saturday night and Sunday evening.

Tonight, Blake Comeau is back in the line-up and as far as I know so is Trevor Gillies.

And as if by Wizardy, Tambellini doesn't seem to be in warm-ups. WTF

Gillies had a little chat with Marty Biron while he was stretching in his net before the game started. Wonder what he said to him...

Gillies already out there doing a little knocking around. But the first penalty he takes I will scream.

I'm calling for a Matt Moulson goal tonight. Thank you.

Biron is making saves he doesn't even see. So this is good. SOG are only 7 - 3 in favor of St. Louis and Jackman hit something so hard the boards rattled up here.

Sean Bergenheim is all energy, but still can't find the back of the net. 4;53 left of the first and no score, but a lot of energy. Hopefully they realize this is a 60 minute game.

Matt Moulson with a small breakaway had his pocket picked.

Now the Isles have an extra skater as the blues have a delayed penalty with a little more than 2 minutes left. Okposo turned over the puck and that was the end of that. Matt D'Agostini is the man in the box for the Blues. The first power play of the night.

Well, with less than two seconds to go in the PP, Matt Moulson does me proud and gets his 24th goal of the season. 1 - 0 Isles. That's a start.

Second period starts and the SOG are still in favor of the Blues with 12 - 8. Marty is leaving too many pucks sitting in the paint just waiting for someone to clear or bang it in. It's going to hurt him at one point.

After an excellent save, the Isles are called for a hooking penalty on Tim Jackman and the Blues go on the PP. Marty is way out of his net to the side, but thankfully, it was cleared. The blues are setting up again.

The Blues PP is 26th in the league. But if they'r egoing to score. They'll score here. The puck just went in off Marty's behind. All tied at 1. You KNEW that had to happen.

Isles back on the PP as Winchester is in the box for high sticking. While he cools off pouring water on his head, another proposal in the crowd. This time the camera stayed on them, and she said yes. She had better. Very embarrasing when they say no.

And nothing in the power play for the Isles. But Blake Comeau really looks like he wants a goal.

Jon Sim in teh box, so everyone get pissy at him again. If the Blues score on this PP I know that there will be plenty of Isles fans looking for his head. Good think is that Boyes has now taken a penalty and they will skate 4 on 4 for 55 seconds and then the Isles will have a PP.

PLEASE BOYS!!! Score damnnit!!

Frans Nielsen couldn't have had any better chances for a wraparound goal and there was no luck there. I'm telling you this team needs an exorcist. Collison on center ice and no penalty called on the Isles. It was Oshie that was knocked down. Seems okay.

Is the ice bad? How many players have had to shoot from their stomachs?

ANd another freakin' Islanders penalty, as Doug Weight gets called for boarding with only 1 minute left of the period. Doug protests the call, but sits anyway. It's never good when the teams come back down a man on a fresh seat of ice.

The net comes off as Hillen pulles down Perron on top of Biron. The teams go to the locker room swith 47 seconds left of the Doug weight penalty still tied. blues SOG 21 to the Isles 17. They are getting angry now. If they can have a good 3rd period, the Isles may actually come away with the points. Not that it matters mathematically, but it will be good for their confidence.

Start of third and Doug Weight is sprung from the box with no damage. 16:31 of the third and there's another PP for the Isles as Perron is in the box for interference on Sean Bergenheim.

Now the chants of Let's go Islanders start from the crowd.

Nielsen coughs up the puck. don't give up a short handed goal gentlemen.

No goal for the Isles on the PP and now Park in the box and now Bruno was hit with a shot to the leg and is being helped off the ice. Great. And another one bites the dust. The blues complain that the whistle was blown when they had the puck. Tough crap boys.

1:03 left of the Blues PP, and the Isles bench is even shorter. If I am having heart attack up here, Gordon must be having a stroke.

And now JT is sent to the box for hooking. This has been a never ending stream of penalties. Marty has had his work cut out for him.

Richard Park has been a human shield for Biron. 34 seconds left of the PP for the Blues and a very interesting question by @Timoseppa. When a shot hits your own player, is it a missed shot, a blocked shot or no shot? Good question. The NHL dudes haven't answered him yet.

with 1:32 left of the third, Ricahrd park is called for high sticking and the Blues go on the PP. This game should now not go into OT. Packing up!

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