Sunday, March 21, 2010

One & Done

A very rushed post game at HockeyBuzz and I was just about to shut down and get going to I can get ready to head to Bridgeport when I noticed the comment asking me what I thought of Scott Gordon walking out on Rob Carlin's interview.

As it's been pointed out to me on more than one occassion, I have 'professed my love openly' in this space, so I suppose I have an obligation to say something.

Okay, here goes.

It could have been worse. I know so many people who say that Gordon is a boring interview with no personality. But that's so far from the truth. He's passionate, articulate and funny. He's also frustrated as hell, but he holds his temper from the cameras and the microphones.

Should he have walked off camera? No. But I'm sure it was a lot better than flying into an obscenity laced tirade. The New York Islanders are not the best when it comes to media relations. We know it. We've seen it. It's nothing new. There are no John Tortorella's or Brian Burke's in Uniondale. There is only New England proper, never show your true feelings, chill coupled with a look that could kill you where you stand.

Now I really gotta get going!


mmcenaney said...

Hello Islander 7th Women:

I know you blasted my Long Island Press column and are upset at my jab at Rob Carlin but that's where I stand on Mr. Carlin.

I will add however that I love your blog and your love of the Islanders. You've got a new reader - an Islander fan since they came into the league back in 1972.

Anonymous said...

love reading your blog...funny, refreshing an a unique insight.