Monday, March 1, 2010

Trade Deadline: The Short List

Yep, we are fast approaching March 3rd, and while I don't expect anything earth shattering to happen here on Long Island, it still is a time to ponder. So, "WWGSD" is upon us. Here is my very short list of things I would like to see happen.

Funny thing though. Friday I was reading around the net as I took a "Snow day" of the percipitation type and found an article written by a BlackHawks writer with comments from their fans. They were talking about Garth dealing for Huet. That was a big "huh?" moment for me. Why the hell would they be talking about us trading for yet ANOTHER goalie? Don't we have enough? Are they smoking something in Chicago?

And then I asked around to see if there was something I was missing. The answer I got was "Don't believe everything you read." Right... wait...I write stuff too.


Best Brian Burke quote of the day from "Losing a hockey game is like getting kicked in the groin." And losing that one was even worse.

Happy Monday people.

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