Saturday, April 10, 2010

Isles vs. Devils Morning Skate

So I traipsed by tired butt up to the Coliseum this morning to be there at 9:30 am for the morning skate -- the LAST of it's kind for the season. I don't get to go to many of these as it was pointed out to me this morning "The other bloggers are here all the time." Ughhh!! I have a DAY JOB!!! I do!!

Well, Richard Park was out there skating today and told Billy Jaffe that he'll be ready to go. I'm pretty certain that both Tim Jackman and Jack Hillen would LOVE to get rid of their face protection, but they can't.

Rob Schremp didn't take any on ice work out but was in the gym and then came out to watch his team skate. When I asked him what was new his answer was "Nothing until I get back in the line up!" He's very antsy about getting back out there. Also, every time I see him when he's not on the ice -- he's eating. I don't think I've ever seen this man without him chewing on something. Today it was a half a bagel with cream cheese that I swear he downed in three bites. I've seen him inhale a pizza slice almost with chewing and I've seen him shove wads of tobacco in his cheek. Please get this man back on the ice before he gains 40 lbs.

Josh Bailey is out of the line up with that fractured cheek. I saw him in the parking lot sporting three inches of fresh stitches and a black eye. Oh yes, it will leave a scar. But he was in good spirits. When I asked him if he has to keep icing it he told me "Do you know how fast your face freezes?" He's still able to give a winning smile so the kid will be alright.

In his place the Islanders have called up Michael Haley from Jack Capuano's squad. It will be his NHL debut. Now, according to TigerTracks Tom Liodice, who is the one I turn to for all things Sound Tigers, Haley is an uberpest in the Sean Avery sort of mold. While that made me cringe a little he also said that he had been waiting for him to be called up to the big club for a while.

So while Trevor Gillies is also on the roster and was skating today I'm assuming he will have company in the box later tonight with Haley also in the line-up. This should be interesting.

Bruno Gervais was on the ice and looking fine and Marty Biron was indeed the first goalie off the ice. I am assuming he will get the nod for New Jersey and it will be Roloson to close out the season. Of course, this is simply an assumption and Scott Gordon will do as he sees fit.

I spent a few minutes chatting on the sidelines with GM Garth Snow. It was interesting to see him tell Jon Sim he did a good job at practice and watch Sim's reaction: smiling fear. I guess the players get worried when the GM has their eye on them.

Of course the real "net" question tonight will be Brodeur or Danis? After this weekend, the Devils head to the playoffs, the Islanders head out on vacation. Sigh.

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