Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post Season: Tim Jackman

I had the opportunity to speak with so many of the players on Monday that I'll have to do this in pieces. The first of the group is on Tim Jackman and it can be found here at HockeyBuzz.

You don't realize how much you can get out of two to three minutes with each player until you try to go back and transcribe it all!

On another note I'd like to say Hi and Congrats to my friend, CJ Papa.

While waiting to see if a fire in Sayville yesterday made it to News12 I was pleasantly surprised to see CJ Papa doing the sports report for News12. You realize what this means, don't you? The Islanders may actually get some DECENT coverage over there. Now... if we can just infiltrate the other news outlets, maybe the team can get some on-air time!

Hey CJ! Nice job on the Yankee's World Series rings. Maybe someday you can do one on Islanders's Stanley Cup rings! Yeah... I'm a dreamer.

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