Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweet 16 or the Curse is Broken?

Live from the coliseum for the last of this season's Flyer's vs. Islanders match-ups with far fewer Flyers fans than usual. There are a few buses here, but not the usual caravan we see on a weekend.

Brian Boucher will face up against Marty Biron.

I saw Hartnell out there with his flowing locks. Yep, he's a dead ringer for the Gieco cave man. And in all honesty, Aaron Asham is no better.

Okay then. Just about to start. Let's see who can get this party started!

And start they do. 17:49 Blake Comeau takes a shot from the point and it looks like it's tipped into the net. They are reviewing the play. Not sure if they're reviewing it to see who gets the goal or if there was goaltender interference. I would like it to be a goal, but the hockey gods are funny that way.

After much delay, it is deemed an Islanders goal for Blake Comeau with an assist for John Tavares. This is the way to start a game. Now, if they can just keep the pressure on the Flyers, maybe the curse will be broken.

Blake Comeau gets two big goals to start off the game here and Frans Nielsen gets the third. Ladies & Gentlemen -- It's Wendy's Chili time!

Now, of course, we know that the dreaded 3 - 0 curse may still rear it's ugly head, but it's nice to see a few goals on the board when it comes to this match-up.

The Flyers managed 8 SOG to the Isles 13, three of which were tallied while Caveman Hartnell was in the box.

Let's see what they can do in the second.

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