Saturday, May 1, 2010

Calvin deHaan Now Signed

Of course, as usual, breaking news hit while I was on line at the Deli in Pathmark. Great. "Yes, I'll take a half a pound of honey smoked Turkey and, by the way, Calvin deHaan just signed a three year entry level contract with the New York Islanders."

Not exactly great impact there. Sure, I Tweeted it out from my phone but it lost something in the delay.

So after I turned into the Bruins vs Flyers I couldn't think of trying to come up with something to say about what is really not a surprise move on the Islanders part. I waited for Mark Savard to end the goalie duel that was Game one of their playoff battle and then started to look around for what I had written about Calvin previously.

With everything I have in my archives, it turns out that the thing I remember most, I can't find! Okay, maybe I didn't look that hard to begin with. It was at prospect camp in July of last year. I made a point of watching deHaan on the ice and to be sure, I too was impressed with the youngster. And he was CERTAINLY a youngster. I remember not being able to get anything out of him when I tried to interview him.

I told someone that I thought he may make it onto the Bridegport squad right out of camp and everyone told me there was no room for him in the line-up -- on any of the Isles teams. However, I knew that the powers that be were very high on Calvin.

So a year later, a few surgeries and a concussion, Calvin gets his first contract, a three year rookie contract at the tender age of eighteen. Congrats Calvin.


Anonymous said...

He couldn't play in Bridgeport because he is still Junior eligible and not old enough/mot enough seasons to play minor league professional hockey.

feralcatsspayneuter said...

de haan on the year..yes! next hamonic.