Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Draft Party Details Set

It's only 25 days away now and the details for the NY Islanders Draft Party 2010 have been set. Check their website to order your free tickets. It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Sadly, I missed last year's Draft party because I was supposed to be at a concert. This year -- nothing is keeping me from attending. Especially not now that I see that not only will last year's first overall draft pick, John Tavares, be a guest but also my personal favorite, Matt Moulson will be on hand. Moulson always makes any fan event a lot of fun.

The funny thing is that when I read the Press Release I immediately thought it was CLARK Gillies and not TREVOR Gillies who would also be attending. Clark could have definitely done well with the ‘Stache Station' too. But, Clarkie is not longer under contract and Trevor has a brand new one year deal.

Speaking of "new deals": Yesterday the NY Islanders signed 2008 draft pick David Ullstrom. Of course immediately I uttered "who?" when the news came over my phone from Newsday's Katie Strang's Tweet. But after reading about the 6'3" 200 lb, 21 year old Left Winger I realized -- Hello Sean Bergenheim's replacement.

This is what the Islanders are looking for -- size and youthful energy. Guess they really are "sticking to the plan."

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