Sunday, June 6, 2010

SCF: Finish Line is Now Best of 3

For my thoughts on the SCF Game 5, please check HockeyBuzz.
(Thank you Adrien Dater (@adater) for the use of your photo)

I have some very good links to my Tweeps there for their coverage of the games.

So, here’s to a Sunday night filled with Hockey on NBC, starting with a pre-game show at 5 pm with Anthony Curatolo from The Hockey Guys on, a Live Chat with XM’s Shawn (Big Country) Lagivnestarting at 7pm, some interesting TwitBits from those covering the game live in Chicago all night long and hopefully a Hawks win.

Yeah! I said it! I’m still rooting for the Blackhawks!

Isles Aside: In this morning’s Newsday, Jim Baumbach has a brief article under the title “Islanders: Former owner still believes in Hartford” Sadly, the title (as usual) is misleading. If you don’t actually READ the article, you immediately assume there’s a link between Hartford and the Islanders. The good thing is that within the first paragraph that connection is broken by reading that Howard Baldwin “…does not see relocating the Islanders as an option right now.” The wording “right now” does leave the idea open ended. Perhaps Mr. Baumbach wrote the story just to include the second half of the article news that Charles Wang is STILL waiting to hear from the Town of Hempstead as to what they deem acceptable in the Uniondale parcel. He did note that Kate Murray said she expected to present the ToH’s plans as early as June. Turn the page on your calendar Kate, it IS June.

I suppose any mention of the continuing plight of the Islanders is a good thing. Anything that can light a fire under the local government is appreciated by the fans. Even Gary Bettman on his weekly radio show on Thursday had to take 3 minutes to answer a concerned fan’s questions regarding the Lighthouse project and the Islanders. Even with the attention placed on the impending draft and the possibility of a future star, Islander fans are most concerned with where their team will be after 2015.

Time flies. The question has been pending for years. The only constant has been – Kate Murray.

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