Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tavares' Boot Gets Picked Up by Yardbarker

So late last night I dashed off an entry that took me a very long time to write because everyone in the house wanted my attention. It was rediculous. All I wanted to do was just dash off a few lines about what had come over my Twitter stream all day that I couldn't report on because - uh -- like I have a day job. No one would let me. The dog, the kid, the husband, the laundry all needed SOMETHING. Throw in a sucky wi-fi connection that causes me to have to stand at the kitchen counter to ger service and it was just not a good night.

By 10:30 pm I finally finished what I had started at 8 pm. Here it is over at HockeyBuzz. But the funny thing is, this morning in my Google Alerts I see it was picked up by YardBarker.

Good Grief. I guess Angry Dee is the way to go to get attention.

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**Photo from @NHLPA on Twitter from today's Goals & Dreams event. For full information see

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