Friday, July 23, 2010

Billy Jaffe's MSG Contract Expires

Yeah, it was a tough day in Islanders country. Billy Jaffe has been calling the games on MSG for four years now. We're sort of attached to him. But nothing in TV ever lasts forever and come October there will be someone else hosting Islander broadcasts. As lousey as that may sound, that 'someone' will be someone we are already familiar with.

My thoughts from my point of view here, at HockeyBuzz.

To Billy and his family, I wish them all the luck in the world as Billy embarks on the next chapter in his career. One which has some wonderful things ahead, I'm sure of it.


Pat said...

As a fan of this team since day 1 this is an absolute joke. We lose the best analyst in the business because the Islanders deem he wasn't positive enough. If this is what this organization is worried about no wonder why we suck.

7th Woman said...

Pat: While I appreciate your feelings, I am thinking that without an actual quote from an actual source the "positive enough" comment is taking on a life of it's own.

Maybe they are trying to do an ex-Islander who no longer has his TV job a favor? Wouldn't be so bad to have Potvin on the broadcast considering what he means to the franchise.

Maybe they want to promote Butchie and give Denis his seat in the MSG studio.

Maybe they want to give Chris King a shot at the big time.

Everything for a reason. Maybe the Islanders made this move for a right one instead of a wrong one.

But of course, it's always easier to assume foul.

Let's see what happens.